2 Goats Head to Head

G’day IFC, hopefully your having a good day. Yesterday I was able to get a shot at Doha after flying from Abu Dhabi. Enjoy!

Flight Time: 39 mins
Aircraft: A359 vs 77W

Raw Photo

That’s it for today, and have a great rest of your day or night!


😰 picture cool af

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Thank you😄

I always thought the Oryx was from the antelope family.

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Well they do have the antelopes so ig you could say they are.

This picture should be infinite’s flight new download screen! Awesome pic!

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Same biological family technically, they’re all bovids - antelopes, oryx, goats, cows etc…hollow-horned animals with cleft or split hooves.

Also, neat picture!


Oh Cool, Thanks!

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Thanks!, Sorry for the Late reply. Didn’t see your comment there!