[2 GATES LEFT]Jakarta Halim Flash Flyout: Feat. Batik Air | Pt.2 @ WIHH - 310900ZMAY19

Hello community!
On this End of the Month im about to held a Batik Air Flash Flyout event on the one of the Jakarta Main airports. This event is not affilated with any virtual airlines.

Server: Expert

Airport: WIHH

Time: 2019-05-31T09:00:00Z


Currently i Do not put the destination choice, Just Fly to any cities in Indonesia! sorry for the inconvenience :)

B03: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk WIMM (then WMKK)
B05: @JeromeJ WAPP (then WARR)
B07 @Ramzi_Khairan WAHH
B09 @ItzAviaUk WADD

Stop over flights available!
Fly to Denpasar (WADD) and change callsign to “BTK / Batik 6007” as realistically, continues to Perth (YPPH) for 3 hours!

Spawn 10 minutes prior pushback.
Be concern to Unicom
(Please no duplicate messages).
Airport / Taxiways usage technic will be discussed at 50% of participants on a Group chat


A gate for me please! You got the right guy, since my holidays starts on this date. 👍

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Welcome aboard! I have put you on B03. Where you like to land?

Oh! Umm… I guess Kuala Lumpur looks close enough, if I’m not geographically wrong. And if they operate this route. 🤔

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Yes they operate this route but, the departure airport is Jakarta @WIII. Not WIHH :)

May i change to WIMM since it’s pretty close with Kuala Lumpur ?
If you like to continue to Kuala Lumpur you can use AirAsia A320 from WIMM. Its less than 50 minutes

for realism purposes :)

Ok then. That will do.

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I’ll have a gate

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Thank you for coming :), you’re on B05, do you have any planned destination ?

Thanks, sorry if it is bothering

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No planned destination yet, this event is at 5AM est so I’ll have to do some planning.

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im in, to WAHH

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Welcome to my Home town! You’re on B07.

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B09 to WADD please

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Sure, B09 is now yours :)

Update: We have one gate remaining grab it while you have a chance!

@NathanD you’re registered, gate B011 is now yours!. Thank you

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I will be flying to Ambon (WAPP) and continuing on to Surabaya (WARR)

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What is the shortest flight that is a realistic route from the departure airport?

Here is the shortest flight from the departure @WIHH - WICT. Took around 30 minutes in real life

So, do you want take this route?

I got reported so I can’t do this event

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Im sorry for your loss, i will remove you from the list. Hope you can Enjoying the Expert server Immediately :).

2 Gates still available, get it as long as theres a chance

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Bumping This. Related to the event starts in a Week

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