2 game crashes within 2 days

Hello IFC, I’ve been experiencing some crashes where it would just kick me out of the app completely. I got really frustrated since yesterday I flew from Sydney to Dubai then onwards to London. As soon as I tuned in to Langen FIR over Frankfurt the game crashes. After almost 19 hours of flying. Same thing happened right now where I flew Paris to Heathrow and then to Haneda, I approached my TOD and was checking the D-ATIS and my game crashes again!
Hope there’ll be a fix soon. Thanks.


same here except it crashes when I’ve filed a flight plan.



Our sincere apologies about this.
With the release of 20.1, a few issues that did not surface during testing decided to reveal themselves after the update was released.

Since then, our developers have been working hard on getting these fixed. Hopefully we will be able to release a hotfix that will resolve these issues very soon.

More information can be found in the articles below:

Sorry about the inconvenience!