2 frequency approach

Hello I want to know if it’s normal that in the Training server we have 2 frequency approach and it happens to me that on EGLL it’s rare in other airports, sometimes it blocks me because the planes are on the other frequency and impossible that they contact me on my frequency.
I am Tafsulou !!!


What probably happened is they logged onto the frequency at the same time, making the first to enter a controller, and the next, an ‘Observer.’ They are in the Tower but cannot do anything. On the Expert Server hand though… We have, many choices 😂

You can actually view this when going on ‘ATC mode’ and clicking on a airport in the ATC tab on the right of the screen. This screenshot was when I was actually new to IFATC.


thank you, I have another question to decrease the traffic on the ground and tower atc we must do how because regularly when I am in tower and ground sometimes there are planes which disappear from the map and which send me messages and I can’t answer them

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This is a known issue. Disappearing planes kill me when doing ATC sessions on Expert. What I do is restart my device and pray to god that it doesn’t happen 🙂


thanks but i have already restarted my device and uninstalled and reinstall the IF and nothing to do

Have you tried lowering the graphics and airplane count?

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we reduce how the number of planes

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