2 Frequencies 1 Tower

You guys have come across 2 different Frequencies for 1 tower?
Example: Los Angeles Tower 133.00 then there’s Los Angeles Tower 129.5.

When I contact one they tell me to contact the other. I run into problems when I’m landing and this happens…

So how can I identify right away which frequency to contact when I’m landing and departing?


There shouldn’t be two frequencies in towers since the update. However, in KLAX the best way to remember it is the freq. are split up with one for the north tower and one for the south tower. The smaller number freq. is for the lower numbered runways (24L&24R). Larger numbered freq. the larger numbered runways (25L&25R)

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Always happens to me, boy it’s annoying


Yeah I think the bugs have been fixed like at San Clemente where two people could log in as Tower at the same time and cause chaos, but I think it’s been kept for LAX as they’re running 4 parallel runways.

For ATC and Pilots, make sure you contact the right tower / aircraft for whichever runways your on approach to, or holding short at!


yes only 120.95 is available to ATC controllers after the latest update. However I noticed that when I was piloting the other day I was on the TWR freq and was asked to change to the other one (133.??) even though it was nolonger displayed as an option initially. So - are 2 freqs still being used for KLAX Twr?

Weird thing happened today - was controlling on 120.95 and suddenly lost contact with all aircraft ( blue to grey) momentarily, then came back to blue, however was not able to recieve or send communications. Refreshed my session ( took all of 20 seconds) but was locked out as someone else had taken over

It’s because some people haven’t updated giving them the option to be the other frequency 😕

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yes that’s it.
Daft isn’t it ?

imagine if this happened in real life !

good thing it’s just a game !
Sometimes virtual interferes with reality.

Over & out !
Not renewing.
Although it’s graphically beautiful , its pretty messed up in the reality section.
Maybe that’s how it should always be.

Hi all!

Controllers are sometimes using those 2 frequencies at KLAX when able due to the heavy traffic combined to a huge airport. The same for ground and other airport of that size.
Thanks for the question!

//Advanced controller

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