2 Flights Same Account

I was wondering if I am able to complete 2 flights on two devices? I know that I am unable to do two flights on the same account on the Global Servers, but am I able to do one solo mode flight on my iPad without it interrupting my current live flight on my iphone?
Grazie Tante, Gianni

Basically no. You are not able to use your live account to make 2 flights at the same time. You can always play in solo without interrupting your live session:).

The question was can I make one flight on solo and one flight on live not 2 live flights :/


Oops sorry. My bad, I am sure you can do that.


I tried that once and the flight on one device had the throttle cut. So always stick to one device

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No, don’t use two devices on the same account at any time, use one at a time. Same goes for controlling.