2 flights on 1 account?

I was just wondering what would happen if i had two flights going on at the same time on one account
(One on a tablet and one on a phone)
Would i get the xp and flight hours of both flights or just one of them ?

Sorry if this is a duplicate

I’ve done this and one device would be kicked from live.


I’ll try it now for you

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It won’t let you in on the second device. Only one will be connected. The other automatically disconnects.


Yh I just tried, a message pops up saying another device us already connected


My first ques- why try?

So I could get double the xp and double the flight hours

You can basically fly on two different devices at the same time but it won’t let you in the same server. That means you can fly with your phone on the Expert server and on the Casual server with your tablet at the same moment for example. I wouldn’t recommend you to do this as it is against the Terms of Use of Infinite Flight which can result in a ban if I recall correctly.


Oh ok. thanks for the answer