2 Flights In One Topic

Hello all today I’m going to share my photos from two different flights but in one topic so here is some info about both
1ST: # Madrid To London Heathrow:

•Aircraft: A350-900
•Flight Time: 2H36MN
•Airline: Iberia
2ND: # Vancouver-Los Angeles International Airport

•Flight Time:3H03MN

Iberia’s Flight:

Put brightness up for this set of photos

Parked at LEMD:

Takeoff: [I was not approaching stall just the camera view]

On final for 27R:


Photo of {1 American Airlines 787}{2 Delta A350’s}{1 Lufthansa A350}


United’s Flight:

Brightness at your Discretion

Parked At CYVR



A photo of {4 Delta A350’s}{3 United A350’s}{1 Philippine A350}{1 Etihad A380}



Nice pictures 😍 maybe more inflight pics and put them in different threads 🤔

Thanks @Aero my landed with the United was like unspeakable In a good way

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I liked cause the night view is more clear know…