2 flights,app crash

Why always happen? Yesterday,I made a flight from Nairobi to Santiago using LATAM A359.When descending,the app just freeze and it crash.😭😭😭😭.I really frust because I almost landing, just want to contact Approach already.

Recently,I made a flight from Santiago to London using British Airways B77W.It all starts good.Take off is good,cruising is good.Then,the same thing happened.It crashed again.I made a flight from morning till night.

Last time I completed my flight was a flight from LAX to EWR in Training Server using B757 to get back to Grade 3.

Maybe I will give my phone rest for today so I hope my flight from London to Beijing for IFATC event will not interrupt.

Hi, for further analysis can you provide the following information!

β˜… You graphics settings
β˜… Airplane Count
β˜… Is anti aliasing on/off?
β˜… Is limit frame rate on/off?
β˜… Your device model


Device:Xiaomi Redmi 8.Snapdragon 439.Used since February.

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Thanks for the info.

The best thing you can do is to keep airplane count at low and keep Rendering Quality and Rendering Resolution at low during approach. This would ensure that your device does not overheat and result in a crash. Not saying that it would be unavoidable as that is not a high end device. Also I would suggest giving your device a rest after each flight.

Let me know if the issue persists again!
Hope this helps! :)

My RAM is 4GB and Storage is 64GB

Sorry about that. What’s your remaining/available storage left? Does the device overheat while playing? Do you experience any sort of lagging?

That’s good that you have enough storage available. Still, the device is not thay powerful to handle Airplane Count at high. I used to have a Redmi Note 8 Pro and even that would crash the simulator at High Airplane Count. I used to keep it at Low and None. And that device had 8GB RAM. There are other factors to take into account that’s why. So why don’t you take the measures which I stated above and report back after a flight?

Ok.I will do flight tomorrow morning.I will report back if it solve.

Great! I will be watching this topic so let me know any updates with a reply to this topic! :)

Ok.Right now make a flight from LHR to Guangzhou.It has been 2 hours now.Will landing in 8.5 hours.

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Done flight without problem.

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Glad to hear. Have a good one!

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