2 Dutch people in Belgian F16s

Me and @DpTeqz did a bomb dropping exercise near Kleine Brogel. This screenshot was taken during a low fly-by we performed at EBBL. And in true me style, I crashed shortly after because of autopilot issues

Flight information
  • Server: expert
  • Route: EBBL-EBBL
  • Flight time: 0:30

I’ve been obsessed with sunrise/sunset fighter jet shots lol


Flight time 30 min? 30 min for u cause u keep crashing every time lmao

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Shuuuush it was the flight time of the replay I took this in. At least I didn’t flatspin and crash into the North Sea in our dogfight this time

Nice shot, best fighter ever

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You are improving every single screenshot you take and edit, keep on going!

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Man it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here. Decided to check at least one screenshots topic since that used to be my favorite category…

Crazy good photo there, I love it man! Awesome job!

Glad this was the topic I clicked on lol. I’ll be back on the IFC in a few months lol. Nice checking in for a few minutes!