2 days at SJC

Hello everyone! Here are 2 days worth of spots at SJC!

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, April 10th - Day 1.

It has been quite a while since the last time I spotted Hawaiian’s A321neo.

This is quite an interesting spot, Intel Air Shuttle’s Embraer E145. If I am not mistaken, these planes carry employees or high officials, and it makes sense because of the large Intel office in Silicon Valley.

Alaska’s E175 in the Cougs livery! Second time I have spotted this plane at SJC.

I thought this shot turned out pretty magical. This Southwest 737-700 rotating with a gorgeous sunset in the background.

I tried. I can never seem to get shots after sunset. I decided to wait after sunset for Southwest’s new Lone Star One 737-800, but the shot didn’t turn out very well.

Sunday, April 14th - Day 2.

First up, an extremely unusual spot at SJC. American usually only brings their 737-800s and A319s, but I got the treat of an American A321neo!

A jet black Gulfstream G550 rolling in.

Southwest’s Nevada One 737-800! Pretty basic but beautiful livery.

Another Southwest special livery on the 737-800, New Mexico One!

Here’s a clean Southwest 737 Max coming in.

Which shot did you like best?

  • 1 (Hawaiian A21N)
  • 2 (Intel Air Shuttle E45X)
  • 3 (Alaska E75L [Cougs livery])
  • 4 (Southwest B737)
  • 5 (Southwest B738 [Lone Star One livery])
  • 6 (American A21N)
  • 7 (GLF5)
  • 8 (Southwest B738 [Nevada One livery])
  • 9 (Southwest B738 [New Mexico One livery])
  • 10 (Southwest B38M)
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Nice shots 👌


thank you!


Something weird about my eyes made me think the first photo was IF lol

Nice shots! Big fan of the last photo with the SWA B38M. Looks like MSFS!


thank you bro!


Amazing pics!


thank you!!

Nice pics !!

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That Max and Neo came out really good. Nice sunset shot as well.

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thank you!

thanks man!

Great shots! Love that sunset with all the Southwest tails. Nice job!

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thank you! that sunset shot really is something.

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