2 continents, 1 flight @EHAM - 181500ZJUN19


  • KLM 787-9:


  • 2019-06-19T02:00:00Z:

  • Expert:

  • Copy my flight plan

  • Cruise at M .85 and at FL370

  • The flight will be around 11 hours, but make sure to bring extra fuel!

  • Please be respectful of other pilots if you join and use Unicom responsibly.

Who wants to join?

This is my hundredth flight on this account which is why I made this topic

Please tell me if the time in the title is wrong, it’s supposed to be 2019-06-19T02:00:00Z

:raising_hand: meee

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Thanks for being my first attendee!

You will be at Gate E7

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Nevermind, have to cancel. Collides with my school schedule.

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Oof lol

Thanks though

If we left an hour ago i would be able, but it ends at 9 and school starts at 9

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Left yet? I’ll join if not too late

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Sorry the flight is still on

Can you wait maybe 5-10 minutes?

Nice flight, but assigning gates is not allowed for group flights :)

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Oh sorry I didn’t know, it was just to organize the flight

It’s closed anyways, unless you want to join

probably not

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I’ll join the next one when I reach grade 3 (:
Pm me?

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