[2 Attending!] Sponsored by Southwest Virtual! The Sacramento Fly-Out! @KSMF - 071900ZSEP19

The Sacramento International Airport Fly-Out!

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Server: Expert

Airport: KSMF


About this Event

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my third event here on the IFC! I have chosen Sacramento this time! This airport is mainly served by Southwest, American, and United. Sacramento International Airport carried twelve million passengers last year. Southwest Airlines carried three million of these passengers. The airport has two runways and you can fly all over the United States, Mexico and Canada. This is a very underestimated airport in Infinite Flight, so lets fill it up! You can find more information on Sacramento International Airport here.


Please spawn at your gate at least 15 minutes before event start time.

Please be on your best behavior! Do not spam unicom or ATC.

Please do not pushback with the person next to you and follow taxi ways.

Please use the correct livery for the aircraft you sign up for.

Use generic livery for aircraft that do not have the livery you signed up for.

I will tell each concourse when it is time to push.

Please take off on designated runways!

Gate Assignments

Concourse A (11 Gates Left!)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A01 Delta B738 KMSP TBD
A02 American A321 KDFW TBD
A03 Delta B738 KSLC TBD
A04 American A320 KPHX TBD
A05 American A321 KCLT TBD
A10 Delta E175 KSEA TBD
A12 Delta B739 KATL TBD
A14 Air Canada CRJ9 CYVR TBD
A15 United B738 KDEN TBD
A16 United B738 KSFO TBD
A17 United B739 KIAH TBD
Concourse B (18 Gates Left!)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B04 Hawaiian A321 PHOG TBD
B05A Alaska Horizon Q400 KPDX TBD
B05B Alaska Horizon Q400 KBOI TBD
B06 JetBlue A320 KBOS TBD
B07 Alaska B739 KSEA TBD
B08 Volaris A320 MMGL TBD
B09 Alaska B738 PHOG TBD
B10 Hawaiian A321 PHNL TBD
B11 Spirit A319 KLAS TBD
B12 Southwest B737 KLAX TBD
B14 Southwest B737 KSAN @Kaleb_Jordan
B15 Southwest B738 KAUS @Armani_B
B16 Southwest B737 KSNA TBD
B17 Southwest B737 KMDW TBD
B18 Southwest B738 KBWI TBD
B19 Southwest B737 KGEG TBD
B20 Southwest B737 KDAL TBD
B21 Southwest B738 KSTL TBD
B22 Southwest B738 KPHX TBD
B23 Southwest B737 MMSD TBD
Cargo (8 Gates Left!)
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
North Cargo Ramp 01 FedEx MD-11F KMEM TBD
North Cargo Ramp 02 FedEx C208 KACV TBD
North Cargo Ramp 03 FedEx C208 KRDD TBD
North Cargo Ramp 04 FedEx C208 KCEC TBD
North Cargo Ramp 05 FedEx C208 KUKI TBD
North Cargo Ramp 06 FedEx C208 KCIC TBD
North Cargo Ramp 07 FedEx C208 KACV TBD
North Cargo Ramp 08 FedEx C208 KRDD TBD

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Can I have gate B15 please not sure if I can make it is that ok


On request