{2 Attending!} Kai Tak approach! @RCKH 301600ZDEC19

Hello pilots!


Welcome too another very hard approach flight! Todays flight will take us form Taiwan, to Hong Kong. But we will be doing the classic Hong Kong Kai Tak checkerboard approach! Its the one with the really sharp turn over downtown Hong Kong,

About Kai Tak airport

The approach we will be using, and how to do it


We will flying the famous “Checkerboard” approach, We will enter the DME 112.3, (In FPL) and will continue the approach by looking at the path of the approach chart. We will start the turn somewhere near a hill, but due to the lower-resolution graphics in IF, we are not able to actually see the checkerboard.

Flight Details

Route: RCKH -> VHHX
Server: Training
Time of departure: 2019-12-30T16:00:00Z
Aircraft and livery: Pan Am B747-200, or Japan Airlines B747-200
Flight time: Aprox. 1 to 1:30 hours
Notes: we will be using UNICOM for both airports. I am not responsible for any violations you may receive. Check the small tutorial on how to land above for more info.

Thanks for looking, I hope to see you there!
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I’m coming! That’s one crusty approach chart.

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Awesome! See you there!

To those that are coming, this is the checkerboard we are aiming at before starting the turn

Please spawn in 10 minutes if you’re coming!

Spawn in now! @Tsumia

As I pressed the spawn button, you posted. Timing.

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Spawn next to me ;)

I’ll go JAL then.

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Copy my FPL

Can I join?

Its on expert mate :) If you can sure!

Nevermind then…

@Tsumia would you mind doing it on TS?

@Infinite_Qantas I’ve changed it to TS, come join us!

Ill go there

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Awesome! I’ll add you to the PM

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