2 ATC 1 Frequency

I searched for this happening but didnt find a thread so im starting one. Not sure if anyone had experience this. Im putting this in live and not atc and live because its more of a live occurrence than something fully atc related.

I disconnected slightly and was back in a few seconds.

I still had the entire ATC controls and screen not the obs one and i was able to send messages out.

But i noticed it was sending on its own so i stopped sending at that moment and tower is shown occupied by another user in the screenshot but i could send stuff =p

That’s… strange. Maybe when you disconnected, someone went on and started controlling, then you reconnected.

That was what happened, i would have thought i would be pushed to observer position but i could still send message but ive also noticed it was sending messaged on its own.

So it was actively 2 ATC on 1 frequency.

Maybe you both went online at the exact same time? I dunno.

It was just something cool and out of the ordinary so i thought i’ld share it. I left the frequency so he could control in peace =p

It’s a bug, that happens more often then you would think. I’m pretty sure it’s some specific frequencies at specific airports have this bug, mostly approach. There’s only 1 of the frequencies to contact, but it shows and counts as 2 in the total amount of controllers at that airport. Mostly happens to APP frequencies. PDX APP is one, I think

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I see, thanks^^ It was pretty interesting though.

It would be pretty cool if i had verbal communication with the other ATC and do something like a East and West tower kinda thing on bigger aerodomes.

Things like KLAX would probably be more of a breeze xD

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It is an interesting one.That’s how it used to be, but if they tried to open like that somewhere like LAX, on what was then the Advanced Server, pilots would get confused on who to contact, and on the Playground server, controllers fought on which aircraft they got on their frequency (Since they didn’t know each other and couldn’t work together properly

I see, thats terrible.

Nonetheless, im glad i got to experience this bug.

It was the better option to remove that feature but in an ideal scenario, it really does relieve alot of work load.

But thats the amazing thing as well, people are trained to handle these workload xD

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