2 approaches

on the expert server there were 2 approach frequencies. why is this?

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To help manage the traffic.


If there are a lot of inbound aircraft and one approach can’t do everything

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Hello! Sometimes controllers spilt the approach because of lots of traffic. Sometimes it’s initial and final or North and East or south and west. This just helps you get to the ground safely a fast. It often makes the controlling a lot better because they have fewer aircraft.

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oh ok thanks! so is it like the 2 approach are sharing the job when there is a lot of traffic

Yes! That’s exactly correct!

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Normally it gets spilt between East/West

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why did someone change this topic from support to live?

I moved it, and then @NoahM moved it. #support is for issues with the app. This is not an issue, it’s a question.


oh ok!! thanks

It will say who to contact in the ATIS. Let’s say that @Sashaz55 and I were tagging LAX North/South, it would say “contact 124.10 when arriving from the north and contact 117.50 when arriving from the south”.

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ok thanks!!

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