2 Android device one Account? Is it ok?

I’m just going to ask i logged in my main account on my android mobile phone since its easy to play IF anytime anywhere . Is it ok to logged in my google play account to another android device? Like tablet? Or it is prohibited? I already know the rules of live that you can’t play live on the same account at a time but is it ok that i have two android device but one account downloaded on google play store? Thank you again
:) KAL 612 HL7721

That’s fine. I have several devices all running on the same account. I believe you can have up to ten devices associated with one google account.


Thank you ^_^ @Nigel_Wright so i can play IF 24/7 when phone is lowbat then the tablet will be the next i should use ^^ thank you again sorry i ask many question im still begginer in this community

That’s okay, it better to ask and learn


I don’t think that you can fly on more than one device at the same time, though.

Welcome to the community! :D