2 accounts 1 atc and 1 flying

Just wanted to ask if it’s possible to control atc in another device while fly on another 1? With the same account

No only one account can be used for either flying or controlling.


Oh ok cool thx!

But if you have 2 devices, no one is stopping you from creating another subscription profile. Say you have 2 iPads, you cannot fly on the same subscription at the same time on both iPads. But if you have 2 separate subscriptions then yeah, you can fly on iPad #1 with subscription #1 and control on iPad #2 with subscription #2.


Que Sh?! Service in 3, 2, 1! 😂


Interestingly I have tried flying and being an ATC worked for me in two separate devices for an hour or so.
But that was a long time ago. I also tried flying on two separate devices in the same subscription account but that did not work. My answer is, I am not sure. :)

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I know for sure you can’t fly on different devices with the same account

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