2.0 | Where would you like to have a flyout next(poll)?

you get 3 voted for what you think would be the best airport =)

  • Papaette
  • Austin
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Boise
  • Aspen
  • Charelston
  • Denver
  • Northern Arkansa

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i personally think a Papeete fly out would be cool. especially with that Air Tahiti Nui livery 😍


I agree the only reason I would be hesitant would be because there’s only like 4 gates

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what about Nadi, Fiji? NFFN. You still get your amazing Oceanic and Pacific views but its a much larger airport with more airlines and destinations.

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ik but that was just done by @Wonderousbuilder641 not to long ago

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Singapore cuz its cool ;)

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ah I see. If you really wanted to do it tho, if you schedule it in 2 months, that would be a good 3 months buffer between the two Fiji events.

Yesss! Singapore would be awesome! My favourite place on earth haha

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Papeete would be a good option since that airport doesnt have many events there very often!

Attention! The Tahiti Flyout has now been Created

Dubai, Doha, Or Jeddah.

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@United403 has already created a Dubai Flyout

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Go check out this new poll of airports. You will be allowed 3 Votes on this one too

Papeete flyout is done and posted

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