1st Version IF Screenshots

Can anyone share screenshots of the game when it was on version 1?


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Hello Giacomo!

I’ve found a topic that shows “Memories” of Infinite Flight in the past. Maybe it can help?


I think he means the ones in which IF had buildings and all that stuff.

Well the buildings were “Experimental” and were removed for some reason.

They had some old screenshots on the blog they had before the Infinite Flight website came to be. Unfortunately, it no longer exists - unless someone has archives. ;)


You can find a bunch in their facebook page

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From their Facebook page.

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On the FB page it said that this was to be out early LAST year.

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The smoke?

Yes. It should have been included since last year. Redirecting...

oh wow. they have messed up big there!

I think they eliminated it because it was causing rendering issues of something.

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blame apple

yes, you always have to blame them don’t you?

fds literally said the runway smoke couldn’t come because of apple

did they? what!

Oh yah definitely because of Apple. Android had already been using 64 bit since 2010 while Apple picked it up in 2013. My guess is that the software they used for IOS was only 32 bit equipped. IF Apple had been using 64 bit as early as Android then I suppose the update would have been distributed. That now begs the question of has landing smoke been put on hold even though they now have updated their software IOS wise?

yes, its still on hold

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