1st LX B777


What a stunner!


It looks amazing :)

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The forum will now collapse into a state of pure hysteria and happiness because the 777-300ER has come out in the forum’s most legendary livery.

On the other hand, I like this.


That wasn’t my intention! Just wanted to share :D

I undertand.

It was a joke by the way. Don’t take me seriously. Wrll the last sentence wasn’t


You were faster than me!
Simply breathtaking.

@LSZH34, is Swiss forming new pilots on the 777? Or are the A330/340 pilots getting a formation on the 777? Any news about that?

Looks awesome by the way :)

Avro RJ100 pilots (only first officer) swell as the A330/40 pilots (first officer and captain) will be available to train for the 77W.

Wow… I need to get new pants now. (It’s a gorg livery btw)

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I am suprised to hear that Avro RJ100 pilots will be available to train for the 77W! That’s a big change…

I suppose some A333 FOs turning captain? :)


I don’t think so since the pilots with Swiss are trained for the A330 and A340 and since the B77W is replacing the A340 they’ll mostly stay the same rank as before.

Nick basically said everything. There are even some A320 family pilots (Senior Captains) doing the transition to the B777. As you probably already know, it’s all about seniority when changing to longhaul. It could be possible that a A320 captain overtakes an A330 F/O in that matter :)

Oh. My. God.

Swiss Global Air Lines:

Avro RJ100 -> CS100/300

   -> B77W (only F/O Position)

Swiss Int. Air Lines

Airbus A320family F/O -> B77W F/O
|-> A330/40 F/O -> B77W F/O

-> A320family Captain -> B77W Captain
|-> A330/40 Captain -> B77W Captain

Now all we need is a revamp in infinite flight…

You sure about that? I thought it’s all about seniority?

Have these pilots already started to train?

So the A340 is out of the Fleet? :)

We have 15 A340. 6 older leased ones (ex AC and OH) and 9 new ones that were orginally irdered by Swissair as A346s but then converted by the new Swiss to A343Es. Tge six older leased ones will be replaced by six B77Ws and retourned to the leasing agency. Three of the nine other will be handed over the EDW and also replaced by three B77Ws. I guess the other six remaining A343s will get a cabin upgrade and used for another decade (at max).

@LSZH34 I’m not entirely sure but I think so. In the beginning only A330/40 and maybe A320 captains + Ex Avro Rj100 pilots will be upgraded to the B77W as F/Os.

The A343’s are gone by 2020 the latest. That is LX’s goal @AF330

Where did you find that information? I’m certain the other six A343s will stay in LXs fleet till after 2020. They could then replace the A343s together with the oldest A333s.