1st flight of Summer 2023!

It’s that time of year again, SCHOOLS OUT 🥳🥹🤩 at least for me anyways and I wanted to share my 1st flight to kick off this summer expect about 3 or 4 trip reports ( maybe less maybe more ) and more event flights but right now let’s get this summer started by our first flight in the books, today we head from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 to Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 originally I was going to do Miami → Cali to start it off but I had a barbers appointment at 4pm so I didn’t have enough time for it but I wanted to do this route for a while and since both MDSD and SKCL are 3D I thought, let’s do it and yes this is a real route it is operated by Arajet but we don’t have it in IF so I stuck with the generic but for real time, let’s get to the plane!

Origin: Las Americas Intl ( MDSD )
Destination: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl ( SKCL )
Flight Time: 2:24
Boeing 737-800 ( Generic ) ( Supposed to represent Arajet )
Server: Expert

I love walking under the jetbridges it’s just cool 😎 and this time was no different and these walk around shots 📸 makes it better! 🤩

Soon enough, we pushed back, made our way to RWY 17 and were airborne for Cali, this take off starts who knows how many take off between now and mid August when we go back to school!

Climbed up to FL380 for this fairly short 2 and a half hour flight down to Cali 🇨🇴 half Caribbean Sea 🌊 half the beautiful land known as…

💛💙❤️ C O L O M B I A 💛💙❤️

Crossing the coast this time felt strange, mainly since we didn’t depart from Miami but still magical crossing into the motherland ♥️

ladies and gentlemen this is your captain NonStopPopFM speaking, by now we’d be beginning our descent into Cali 🇨🇴 at this time I’d appreciate it if you would fasten your seatbelts and close your tray tables I’d be lovely we’re aren’t expecting any delays and should have you on the ground in 12 minutes or so, Thank you for choosing Arajet!

Final turn with Cali off in the distance along with the many fields 🌾 and mountains 🏔️ surrounding the city ♥️

Love the views of the planes right before landing with Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl Airport ( SKCL ) in the background ♥️🤩 but anyways, Welcome to Cali!

Got off to stretch my legs and grab a bite to eat before my next flight, I can tell just from how this flight went that this will be one amazing summer! ☀️🕶️ but between now and August, see you in the skies! 😉


Awesome pictures and a great route! Thanks for sharing! :)

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