1st Annual Longmont Fly-in + Pancake Breakfast Spotting

Hello! I recently came across a event at my training airport (KLMO) that was being hosted by the local EAA chapter. After reading about the event I decided I should probably attend and I am very happy I did! After getting pancakes there were a few static displays but the big aircraft? The Boeing Stearman that was giving rides on the ramp so after asking around I finally managed to get myself some ramp access and with that some amazing photos! So enough with the words as you all clicked to see some aircraft so lets get going.

Starting off with a tail dragger

Moving on one of the strangest aircraft ive ever seen. This is a powered glider which kinda takes the entier glider idea out of it but if it works it works.

I love it when pilots notice photographers!

Now onto the Stearman!

Starting off with the stearman leaving the ramp and taxiing to runway 29 for takeoff

Next up the flight deck of the Stearman in excellent quality

Finally we got a waving passenger as the event came to a close.

Which was your favorite?

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That powered glider is a beauty!

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Dragonfly 🤮

Beautiful shots mate! Followed you on Instagram too, underrated photographer with clean shots.

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Thank you!

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Awesome photos!

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This is a Stemme S10
Actually, there are quite a lot gliders nowadays that have some sort of propeller or even a small jet.
They use it either for self launching (so that you dont need a winch or a second aircraft to tow the glider) and to avoid outlandings.
In flight, the propeller you see at the front is completely retracted into the nose/fuselage and the aircraft flies just like a normal glider.
Only when thermals get weak the engine is used to aid the aircraft to find the next strong thermal and return home without having to land in some random field (or as i said for takeoff).
With a glide ratio of around 50, it’s most definitely still a glider, just a self launching one :)


It was very interesting to watch as it pulled up to the ramp and then retracted it propeller before going to takeoff.

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Yes, I saw the Boeing Stearman at Dunkeswell the other day!

With an old lady on top!