1ne5ive’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hi people!
I just passed the IFATC written with a score of 92% in the first attempt and i wanna ace the practical too. Im open to any criticism as i dont think im the best yet. Do come!
(IF username- Nihar Gadkari AFKLM)

Can’t come I’m afraid due to me currently not having a subscription. But well done on the written exam that is a really good result for your first try.

Good luck with the future of your ATC career.

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thanx @BennyBoy_Alpha no worries

Open at VHHH do visit

Are you there? ^^ waiting for taxi clearance…

ohhh i had closed due to 0 traffic. i have opened again @NeoPauliMittwoch

Heya. You’re doing fine so far.
When i announced missed approach you can use the automatic answer “go around make left traffic”
You forgot to give me exiting command ^^

Exceot for that and the little mistakes you corrected instantly it was quite good :)

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Spawning in

ya i was searching for the Roger actually. i remember replying with the roger for Missed Approach request. when u said it twice i gave u a random command to tell i was active. the exit rw command was my mistake.thnx for ur feedback and for coming @NeoPauliMittwoch

Hello I just checked it has been 7 hours you forgot to change your title don’t worry I changed it for you but remember next time.

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Thnx buddy.

Open at OMDB on TS come visit

Tomorrows the day for my practical. Open at KFLL on TS.Come visit

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Hey, here’s my feedback. (You did a really good job tho)

  1. First things first, I’m wondering why you didn’t let me be number 1. There was enough time to turn base and land before the next aircraft lands. Now I had to extend my downwind to go behind him. If you want to avoid this and keep the traffic flowing, i’d rather put Fedex on R and me on L. (Based on the situation)

  1. image
    Transition altitude was perfect! You noticed that Fedex went off pattern altitude and told him to descend to pattern altitude! That’s how we keep separation!

You did a really good job this session and I want to wish you good luck with your practical!

Ask me if you have any further questions, always welcome. Let me know if you want some more practice.

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Thnx for visiting my man <3

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Although abt the sequence, i had already cleared him number 1 when u just landed and u made a really tight pattern so had to sequence u number 2

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You can cancel his landing clearance: sequence me number one and Fedex number 2. Then you give both of us a landing clearance.

This scenario will be often considered when being IFATC.

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Ok. Will keep this in mind. Thnx for ur awesome feedback

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hey guys!
the day has arrived. In one hour i have my IFATC practical.
i am open at LFBO on TS. Do visit to wish me good luck :)

Hey thanks for the atc you done well except for the 1 mistake you forgot to clear me to land/ for the option but other then that great work

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