1MAY21 / 1800Z & 1900Z - Puerto Vallarta: The Oceanic Touristic City @ MMPR

Presented by your hosts: @Kedz & @Mateo_CD

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful city located in the state of Jalisco, in Mexico, 196km from Guadalajara, the state capital. Puerto Vallarta is famous for its beaches, water sports, and nightlife, alongside with the famous “Malecón”, where you can walk and see the beauties of the Pacific Ocean. Is an important touristic destination for Mexico, alongside with Riviera Maya, Cancún, and more. Please don’t get confused with Nuevo Vallarta, in Nayarit (also in México). Puerto Vallarta has also one of the most important ports in the country.

In this event, we are flying from it’s airport: Gustavo Díaz Ordaz. It serves A LOT of destinatios to the United States, Canada, and a few in Europe. Of course, we have a lot of destinations inside Mexico, so, that’s why this fly-out will be divided in 2 waves, in order to fit that HUGE amount of destinations.

About the Airport

The airport’s name is honoring Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, but… who was he?
  • Former Mexico’s President
  • An aviator
  • An engineer
  • An important actor

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  • Event Type: Flyout

  • Event Date & Time: 2021-05-01T17:00:00Z & 2021-05-01T18:00:00Z

  • Airport: Puerto Vallarta Intl (MMPR)

  • Server: Expert Server

Wave 1: 1800Z

Wave hosted by @Kedz

Section Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Terminal 1 VivaAerobus A320 Monterrey MMMY
Terminal 2 Aeromexico B737 Mexico City MMMX @tjb0709
Terminal 3 Magnicharters B737 (Generic) San Luis Potosí MMSP
Terminal 4 Volaris A319 Tijuana MMTJ
Terminal 5 Volaris A319 Queretaro MMQT
Terminal 6 VivaAerobus A320 Puebla MMPB
Terminal 7 Volaris A319 León MMLO
Terminal 8 TUI B789 London Gatwick EGKK
Remote Stand 9 United A320 San Francisco KSFO
Remote Stand 10 American Airlines B738 Dallas KDFW
Terminal 11 Southwest (Heart) B737 Houston Hobby KHOU @zion89
Terminal 12 Alaska Airlines B739 San Diego KSAN
Terminal 13 Copa Airlines B738 Panama City-Tocumen MPTO
Terminal 14 Frontier Airlines A320 (any livery) Las Vegas KLAS
Remote Stand 15A Finnair A359 Helsinki EFHK
Remote Stand 17 Southwest (Heart) B737 Orange County-John Wayne KSNA
Remote Stand 18 American Airlines A320 Phoenix-Sky Harbor KPHX
Remote Stand 19 Alaska Airlines B739 San Jose KSJC
Remote Stand 20 United Airlines A320 Denver KDEN @mile.high.aviation

Wave 2: 1900Z

Wave hosted by @Mateo_CD

Section Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Terminal 1 Delta Airlines B738 Salt Lake City KSLC
Terminal 2 Delta Airlines B739 Los Angeles KLAX @Antonio10231
Terminal 3 Delta Airlines B739 Minneapolis KMSP
Terminal 4 Volaris A319 Chicago O’ Hare KORD
Terminal 5 American Arilines A321 Charlotte KCLT
Terminal 6 Aeromexico B737 Mexico City MMMX
Terminal 7 WestJet B737 Toronto CYYZ
Terminal 8 TUI B788 Manchester EGCC @N489DN
Remote Stand 9 WestJet B737 Edmonton CYEG
Remote Stand 10 Air Canada A319 Calgary CYYC
Terminal 11 Delta Airlines B752 Atlanta KATL
Terminal 12 Alaska Airlines B739 Seattle Sea-Tac KSEA
Terminal 13 Air Canada A321 Montreal CYUL
Terminal 14 WestJet B737 Winnipeg CYWG
Remote Stand 15 WestJet B737 Prince George CYXS
Remote Stand 16 Alaska Airlines B738 Portland KPDX
Remote Stand 17 WestJet B737 Regina CYQR
Remote Stand 18A Condor DC-10 Frankfurt EDDF
Remote Stand 20 Volaris A319 Hermosillo MMHO

GA Stands

You can grab any GA stand, fly to other destinations, do pattern work or do some VFR in this beautiful city. There’s no wave for this section and you can spawn at any time between 1800Z to 1930Z!

GA Stand Aircraft Destiation/Pattern Work/VFR Pilot

  • Respect Unicom at all Times. If ATC is present, follow all the instructions given. We are not responsible of your violations or reports

  • Please fly and act professionaly. This is the Expert Server, and trolls are not tolerated.

  • Maintain at least 6nm of distance between depatures.

  • Last but not least: Have fun. Enjoy the views of Puerto Vallarta.

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Me over here thinking every topic is an April Fools Topic.

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Well… this wasn’t;)

Want a gate BTW?

No, as I don’t even play IF lol.


Let’s Start with the signups for this beautiful and unique event!

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|Terminal|8|TUI|B788|Manchester EGCC
I’ve flown with tui in real life back when it was Thomson, please can i take this flight to my home airport please.

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Nice choice! You have been added. Welcome to the 2nd wave :) @N489DN

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can i have this gate

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Thanks see you there.

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@zion89 you have been added. Thanks for joining :)

@N489DN no problem. Happy to have you :)

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Great event guys!
I have to go for the long haul one usually for fly out events so its Finnair please

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Excelent route choice! You are signed up @tjb0709

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Thank you 👍

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They’re literally right next to each other. I consider them part of the same city 😂

That being said, I’ll grab the United flight to Denver in the first wave.

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You have been added! Thanks for joining @mile.high.aviation

Fun Fatc…

Despite of Jalisco being one of the most dangerous states in México, Puerto Vallarta is likely the safest city in Jalisco and one of the most safest cities in the Country for travelers.

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Make sure to grab a gate!


Edit: Anyone?

Still a lot of time to join!