1JAN21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Flying into the New Year

Nice, never seen this in a FNF before

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It is John f Kennedy Airport in nyc

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Nice event Misha. Happy New year

Never forget “G-MISH Please follow instructions”. Hope that It doesn’t happen ;)

Hope that the stpid pandemic gets out 😡



1200Z looks perfect 👌🏼 Departure from Dubai too…
nice one @MishaCamp

Nice…this should keep me entertained tmrw. Really like the variation in short, medium and long hauls.

I can’t wait to fly into Dubai International with Emirates 777-200LR!

•Desejo um Feliz Ano Novo a todos da comunidade. Foi um ano muito desafiador para todos aqui e desejo fortemente próximo ano mais leve pra todos nós!
Feliz Ano Novo FNF!!!🙏
☁️🌥️ 🏢

•I wish a Happy New Year to everyone in the community. It has been a very challenging year for everyone here and I strongly wish for a lighter year for all of us!
Happy New Year FNF !!!🙏

I think there was a typo someone wrote KFJK instead of KJFK

Nice FNF but the Qantas a230 doesn’t fly SYD-MEL flights. Qantas uses 737s and a330s on that route. Qantas uses the a320s mainly in Western Australia for mining flights and freight flights on the east coast.
Thanks Cameron.🇦🇺


Mitsubishi for the win.

Great event Misha! Happy 2021 everyone!

3 minutes till 2021 for the east coast! Happy new year everyone and can’t wait for this FNF!

Cool, LCLK is where I wish to fly IRL. Cannot for Covid travel restrictions… might still hop there IIFL!

I think maybe Misha meant CYZD where Bombardier partially based?

yoooooooooo KORF

Thank you to the NY ATC Staff for running the Canarsie approach to 13L! The realism is much appreciated!


Canarsie Visual was great!

Thanks @Adam for the fantastic realism!


Thanks! Couldn’t have done it without the help of @Enrique_Fernandez, @Prashant_Divedi and @Balloonchaser though, we worked together - I was just finishing it off.


ATC at KJFK was amazing. Nice and neat pattern work. Very efficient communication.

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