1hr Short On Fuel across the Pacific

In the long run correct trim will save you some fuel too. But a good tailwind can be life saving :-)
What is your trim setting?

When you say you are “1hr Short On Fuel”, you do mean that you would need an hours worth of more fuel to get to your destination, right?

(If LiveFlight was up, I could be of more help…)


are you doing the latam chile - auckland route?

Trim is 0% but I think I’m good, good tip tho

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Kinda, Sydney-Auckland-Santiago

Yeah, wish it was up.

And yes I would need an extra hour at least

I had a similar dilemma yesterday. I was approaching EGKK and didn’t have enough fuel. I simply shut off one of the engines in flight and my fuel consumption slowed down rapidly. I made it fine.


Trim the plane until the pink line on the trim box doesn’t show. Typical for the 789 is around 50% trim. Can save you 200 kg fuel per hour.
Edit: Do the trim in steps

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Easter Island is no doubt one of the best options. Its about 4 hours from Santiago, and the runway is a nice length.

Thanks! But I think I’ve got it now (right winds and correct trim)


Now that’s a real drama. Gotta go and get some popcorn.


@Aussie_Wombat Best of luck mate, I’ll be awaiting your arrival at Santiago

Whats the average needed amount of fuel needed for a pacific crossing? Or a Sfo-PHL

You have to know type of aircraft, distance, winds, load etc. I use Simbrief to get an estimate.

But check this out:

haha R.I.P you won’t see me. IF crashed when i was almost there and i lost 9hours flight time and thousands upon thousands of XP

lol rip, poor you…

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Isn’t the air thinner higher up, which would cause more fuel to be used during cruise?

@Aussie_Wombat. MaxSez: “PPPP” Wombat! Self Admitted Pilot Error. Go to your room!

Yeah, I forgot to counter in the winds… Anyways I’m in my room currently doing EHAM-KDEN

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