19SEP21 / 1600Z - Neo Vibes Event @ SBGL - SBRF



With the arrival of update 21.5 in the store for the entire community, we decided to focus on offering an aircraft movement with the new 330-900 Neo from Azul and Azul Rosa in the new 3D airports in the catalog, SBGL and SBRF (one of the HUB’s of the Azul Airlines). Read the rest of the information and join us on this amazing flight!

Picture by @gamer_vlogs

Flight Info

Rio de Janeiro - Galeão (SBGL) → (SBRF) Recife

Pushback Time: 2021-09-19T16:00:00Z

Aircraft/Livery: 330-900Neo Azul, Azul Rosa

Flight Time: 02 hours and 15 minutes

Flight Level: 35.000ft

Flight Speed: Mach 0.82 on cruise

Flight Plan:

Will be posted hours before pushback


Rio de Janeiro - Galeão (SBGL)

Terminal South

Gate Pilot
South Pier 47 @Neto_Campelo
South Pier 50 @gamer_vlogs
South Pier 56 @Heber_Santana
South Pier 59 @Luiz_Claudio
South Pier 62 @claytonbrasil700
South Pier 65 @Leandro_Alexandre
South Pier 68 @Dedezin_bueno
South Pier 71 @Andres_Arevalo
South Pier 74 @JPC
South Pier 77 @Joao_Christ
South Pier 80 @Wagner_Costa
South Pier 83 @Daniel_Steinman
South Pier 86 @CaptainAli_yt

Terminal 2

Gate Pilot
Gate 27 @MainSky
Gate 29 @Heber_Santana
Gate 31 @Victor_Amaral
Gate 33 @Taco_Man
Gate 36 @AnelForicNL
Gate 38 @Ethan_Brown


Gate Pilot
Remote 96 @IFBR_Joao_Linhares
Remote 99 @Danilo_Henrique
Remote 101 Isaque Santos
Remote 104 @Tiago_777
Remote 107
Remote 109
Remote 111



Frequency Controller


Frequency Controller


1- The pilot is responsible for any violation received;

2- Follow instructions if ATC is present;

3- Control the distance to the aircraft in front of you, but don’t overdo it and have fun!

Infinite Flight Brasil | Your Goal, Our Mission!


Become an IFBR Pilot, click on the link below!

How to join

Social Media

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this event is gonna be awesome :)

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Let’s go for another big event.

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Amazing event, i love it 😍😍

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Amazing event 😍

Good job, @InfiniteFlightBrasil.

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Can I join? Any gate

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Im Gonna see if im gonna be able to join because this going to look fun

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We made some changes to the Terminal 2 gates, you were at Gate 24 and now you are at Gate 27.

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Let us know if you find it for sure in advance, we look forward to seeing you!

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I will probably let you know in about 24-48 hours from now hopefully

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I’ll take this, thanks!

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Give me south pier 86 for now, I will let you know if I need to be removed or not

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@Daniel_Steinman @CaptainAli_yt You are added and thanks for your interest!


Thanks man!

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No Problem Hopefully everything works out well

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@InfiniteFlightBrasil one of my great friends is Brazilian!

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Brazilians usually infect everyone with their energy, it must have been no different for you rs


Yup, I love to play soccer with him!

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Yeah, he certainly didn’t lie when he said he’s Brazilian <3

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Could i reserve this gate? Thanks.

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