19SEP20 / 2000Z - Boeing Delivery Flyout! @KPAE

Boeing Delivery Flyout

Today, we had to the rainy city of Seattle, Washington! Today, we’re going to try a different kind of fly out. These routes are on special routes, the reason being is, because they’re all delivery flights! Each of these routes will bring the aircraft delivered back to its hub airport. For example, a United 787 will be delivered to Chicago, as that is where their head operating office is! Hello, I’m gonna put a picture because apparently that makes the community sign up for the event, and let’s get going with the charts and gates!

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Airport Map/Chart


787 Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
787-01 United 787-9 Chicago @GameBoy_KIRB
787-02 Air Canada 787-9 Montreal @Canadian_Aviator
787-03 British Airways 787-9 London Heathrow
787-04 American 787-9 Dallas @DanVenezuela
787-05 Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 Papeete
787-06 Norwegian 787-9 Oslo
787-07 Royal Jordanian 787-8 Amman
787-08 Xiamen Air 787-8 Xiamen @Captain_74gear
787-09 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 London Heathrow
787-10 Etihad Airways 787-10 Abu Dhabi
787-11 EVA 787-10 Taipei
787-12 Vietnam Airlines 787-9 Ho Chi Minh City
787-13 El Al Israel Airlines 787-10 Tel Aviv
787-14 LOT 787-8 Warsaw
777 Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
777-01 Emirates 777-200LR Dubai @morgan99 777-02
777-03 Qatar 777-300ER Doha @Mr-plane-guy1
777-04 Asiana 777-200ER Seoul
777-05 Thai 777-200ER Bangkok
777-06 Ethiopian 777-200LR Addis Ababa
7X7-01 Delta 777-200LR Atlanta
7X7-02 KLM 777-300ER Amsterdam @RileyBozina
7X7-03 Air New Zealand 777-300ER Auckland @CPT_HILD
7X7-04 American 777-200ER Dallas
747 Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
747-01 Qantas 747-400 Sydney @IF787
747-02 China Airlines 747-400 Taipei
747-03 Air India 747-400 Mumbai
747-04 Air France 747-400 Paris
747-05 Korean Air 747-8 Seoul
747-06 Lufthansa 747-8 Frankfurt
767 Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
767-01 Air Canada 767-300 Montreal
767-02 Hawaiian 767-30 Honolulu
767-03 United 767-300 Chicago
767-04 Delta 767-300 Minneapolis
Other Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Boeing Delivery Center 1 LATAM 787-9 Santiago @Andres_Arevalo
Boeing Delivery Center 2 Saudia 787-9 Jeddah @MAFiA

Thanks everyone, and I hope you enjoy the fly out!

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I’ll take this one! Hopefully 20.2 is out by then.

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🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 You got it!

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Nice thread btw.

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May I please have this gate!

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All yours @Mr-plane-guy1

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I’m definitely taking this one!

You got it!

Thanks, mate. ;)

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My Gate:
Saudia / B787-9 - Callsign: IFM-R98

787-08 Xiamen Air 787-8 Xiamen

I will take those make sure tag me when I can join

All right @MAFiA

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All yours!

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I will take this gate please thank you

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You got it @Udeme_Ekpo

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I’ll take 7x7-4 to Dallas

You got it @DanVenezuela

Let’s get some more signups

Can I take this?

You got it @Canadian_Aviator

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