19SEP20 / 1900Z - The Beautiful Atlanta Fly out! @KATL (Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport)


Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (IATA: ATL ICAO: KATL FAA LID: ATL) or known simply as Atlanta International Airport, is the main airport serving as the airport for Atlanta, Georgia. This is as the airport is located only 11 miles, from Atlanta. The airport covers 4,700 acres and has 5 parallel runways. Hartsfield–Jackson serves as the primary hub for Delta Airlines, and serves also as a hub for low-cost carriers such as Frontier Airlines, and Southwest airlines. This airport is also very well known to host Delta’s corporate headquarters, and Delta’s Technical Operations Center, which is the airline’s primary maintenance center for overhauls.

The airport receives 110,531,300 passenger Movements a year, and 904,301 aircraft operations as well. Along with this, the airport also moves 639,276 metric tones of cargo every single year.

There are a total of 7 concourses:

  • Concourse T contains 17 gates
  • Concourse A contains 29 gates
  • Concourse B contains 32 gates
  • Concourse C contains 34 gates
  • Concourse D contains 40 gates
  • Concourse E contains 28 gates
  • Concourse F contains 15 gates

Fun fact! Did you know that…

Hartsfield–Jackson began with a five-year, rent-free lease on 287 acres (116 ha) that was an abandoned auto racetrack named “The Atlanta Speedway”.

Here are the gates!

Let’s get as many signups as we can possibly get. KATL is a huge airport with many gates and destinations. To get a sign up please state the gate number, the airline, and the destination. Or you may just quote the gate in the reply. (It is preferably better to state gate by quoting it :D )

Gate Destination Airlines Aircraft Pilot
T01 KLAX United CRJ-900
T02A KORD United 737-800
T03 KMIA United CRJ-900
T04 KJFK United 737-900
T05 KMIA Delta CRJ-700
T06 KPHX Delta CRJ-700
T07 KDER Delta CRJ-700
T08 KSEA American A320-200
T09 KDEN American A321-200
T11 KDTW American 737-800
T12 KJFK American A320-200
T13 KORD American CRJ-900
T14 KBUR United CRJ-900
T15 KSANKBUR United 737-900
T16 KPSP Delta CRJ-900
T17 KLAS American 737-800
Gate Destination Airlines Aircraft Pilot
A01 KJFK Delta A319-100
A02 KEWR Delta CRK-900
A03 KSFO Delta 757-200
A04 KDTW Delta 737-800
A05 KSEA Delta 737-900
A06 KPDX Delta 737-700
A07 KDFW Delta A321-200
A08 KIAD Delta CRJ-700
A09 KBOS Delta A319-100
A10 KPHL Delta CRJ-900
A11 PHNL Delta 767-300
A12 KLGA Delta ERJ-900
A13 KCLT Delta ERJ-900
A14 KMDW Delta ERJ-900
A15 KPHX Delta A321-200
A16 KFLL Delta 737-800 @Bobby_Burg
A17 KMCO Delta 737-900
A18 KTPA Delta A319-100
A19 KMSP Delta ERJ-900
Gate Destination Airlines Aircraft Pilot
B01 KLAS Delta 737-800
B02 KPHL Delta 737-900
B03 KLAX Delta 737-900
B04 KPHL Delta A321-200
B05 PANC Delta 757-200
B06 KSEA Delta 767-300
B07 KPDX Delta 767-300
B10 KORD Alaska 737-900 “More to love”
B09 KDEN Delta 737-800
B11 KORD Delta 737-900
B12 KORD Delta 737-900
B13 KDEN Delta CRJ-900
B14 KSFO Delta A321-200
B16 KSLC Delta A319-100
B17 KLAS Delta 737-800
B18 KDTW Delta 737-900
B19 KPSP Delta CRJ-700
B20 KPHX Delta A321-200
B21 KMSY Delta 757-200
B22 KLAX Delta 757-200
B23 KBOS Delta CRJ-900
B24 KLAX Delta A321-200 @cptlogue
B25 KPDX Delta 737-900
B26 KSFO Delta 767-300
B27 KJFK Delta A319-100
B28 KMEM Delta A321-200
B29 TNCM Delta 757-200
B30 EDDF Delta 767-300
B32 LFPG Delta 767-300
Gate Destination Airlines Aircraft Pilot
C01 KDEN Southwest 737-800
C02 KORD Southwest “Illinois One” 737-700
C03 KSFO Southwest 737-800 @Gavin_cx
C04 KSEA Southwest 737-800
C05 KFLL Southwest 737-800
C06 KPHX Southwest 737-700 “Desert Gold”
C07 KLGA Southwest 737-800
C08 KPDX Southwest 737-800
C09 KLAS Southwest 737-800
C10 KSAN Southwest 737-800
C11 KDEN Southwest “Colorado One” 737-700
C12 KBOS Southwest 737-800
C13 KMDW Southwest 737-800
C14 KMIA Southwest 737-700
C15 KDAL Southwest 737-700
C16 KORD Southwest 737-700
C17 KMIA Southwest “Sea World” 737-700
C18 KSEA Southwest 737-800
C21 KLAX Southwest 737-800
C22 KMCO Southwest 737-800
C23 KMDW Southwest “New Mexico One” 737-700
C24 KLAX Southwest 737-800
C30 KIAD Southwest 737-800
C33 KBOS Southwest 737-800
C34 KLGA Southwest 737-800
C35 KMDW Southwest 737-800
C36 KFLL Southwest 737-800
C37 KSFO Southwest 737-800
C40 KDEN Southwest 737-800
C41 KLAS Southwest 737-800
C42 KSAN Southwest 737-800
C43 KMCO Southwest 737-800
Gate Destination Airlines Aircraft Pilot
C01 KDEN Southwest 737-800
C02 KMDW Southwest 737-700
C03 KSFO Southwest 737-800
C04 PANC Alaskan A320-200
C05 KFLL Frontier A320-200
C06 KPHX Spirit A321-200
C07 KJFK JetBlue 737-800
C08 KPDX Frontier A320-200
C09 KLAS Spirit A321-200
C10 KSAN Spirit 737-800
C11 KDEN Frontier CRJ-900
C12 KBOS Allegiant A320-200
C13 KMDW Southwest 737-800
C14 KMIA JetBlue A320-200
C15 KDFW Frontier A320-200
C16 KORD Spirit A320-200
C17 KMIA Spirit A321-200
C18 KSEA Alaskan A320-200
C21 KLAX Spirit A320-200
C22 KMCO Southwest 737-700
C23 KMDW Frontier A320-200
C24 KLAX Spirit A321-200
C30 KIAD Allegiant A320-200
C33 KBOS Frontier A320-200
C34 KJFK Spirit A320-200
C35 KMDW Southwest 737-800
C36 KSEA Alaskan A320-200
C37 KSFO Southwest 737-800
C40 KDEN Southwest 737-800
C41 KLAS Spirit A320-200
C42 KSAN Spirit A321-200
C43 KMCO JetBlue A321-200
Gate Destination Airlines Aircraft Pilot
E11 LFPG Delta 777-200ER
E09 EGLL British Airways 787-9
E07 EKCH SAS A350-900
E05 EDDF Delta 747-400
E03 LSZH Swiss 777-300ER
E01 EDDM Lufthansa A330-300
E02 UUEE Aeroflot A350-900 @Adrian_K
E04 OMDB Emirates 777-300ER @Mafiaviation (On Standby)
E06 LIMC Alitallia 777-200ER
E08 EPWA LOT 787-9
E10 LEMG Iberia A350-900
E12 EHAM KLM 777-200ER
E26 LGAV Delta 777-200ER
E28 CYYZ Air Canada 787-9
E30 HECA Egyptair 777-300ER
E32 LTFM Turkish Airlines A350-900
E34 EGLL Virgin Antlantic 787-9
E36 UKBB Ukraine Interational Airlines 777-200ER
E35 RKSI South Korean 777-200ER
E33 RJAA ANA 787-9
E31 EFHK Finnair A350-900
E29 OTHH Qatar Airlines A350-900
E27 TNCM Delta 777-200ER
E14 NZAA Air New Zealend 777-300ER
E16 SBGL Latam A350-900
E18 EDDM Lufthansa A350-900 @IF_IND
E17 EDDK Lufthansa 747-400
Gate Destination Airlines Aircraft Pilot
F14 EDDM Delta A330-300
F12 EDDF Lufthansa A350-900
F10 CYYZ Delta 767-300ER
F07 LFPG Air France 777-200ER
F05 YSSY Qantas 787-9
F03 TNCM Delta A330-300
F01 LFPG Air France 777-200ER
F03 TNCM Delta A330-300
F05 EHAM Delta 777-200ER






⚠️ ░N░O░T░A░M░S░ ░/░ ░I░M░P░O░R░T░A░N░T░ ░N░O░T░E░S░ ⚠️

I will not be responsible for any ghosting or inflight violations. There will be no ATC or IFATC available, so please keep a high level of professionalism and seriousness as we will be flying on the expert server. Be courteous and nice to each other as well please :D

Please spawn in at 1900Z, as we will one by one start taxiing at around 1920-40Z.

We will be using runways 8R and 26L for departure, not any other runway.

Also, please let me know if your name isn’t on a gate or is missing so I can add your name!


10 being Hands Down AMAZING, 0 being HORRIBLE:

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I see several times a Delta More to Love. More to Love is Alaska and they only have one. And twice daily flight to ATL. Just trying to help you out as an ATL local!

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Everyone may start signing up for the event, as it is ready!

People may start signing up! The event is ready!

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Can I get this gate, but with the A321? They use the A321 on this route often.

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