19SEP20 / 1500Z - The Great American Fly-Out (Part 1) @KATL


Welcome to the great American fly out (Part 1) at Atlanta airport the worlds busiest airport some basic facts about Atlanta airport it is the busiest airport in the world and is home to one of the biggest airline in the world Delta. Why this event? Well in this event there will be many different destinations to choose from and will have most of the routes that airlines take there are 5 runways at Atlanta airport 8L/26R, 8R/26L, 9L/27R, 9R/27L and 10/28 those are all the runways at KATL. Now to the gates.

Please note that not all flight times are the same and may be different depending on the winds If there were any mistakes for any airline that operates from any concourse please tell me as this would make the event better

Airport: KATL

Time: 2020-09-19T15:00:00Z

This is the first time I add flight time please let me know if you would like to see more flight time in my next event

Any VA/VO that want to sponsor this event please PM me thanks

Concourse T
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Flight time Pilot
A320 American Airlines T01 KORD 2:00
A320 American Airlines T02 KLAX 4:35 @Smitty824
A320 United Airlines T03 KDEN 3:10
A320 American Airlines T04 KDFW 2:15
Crj-200 Air Canada express T05 CYYZ 2:28
A320 American Airlines T06 KLGA 2:10
A320 American Airlines T07 KMIA 1:50
A320 United Airlines T08 KEWR 2:10
A320 United Airlines T09 KSFO 5:00
B737 Delta T10 KORD 2:00
B737 Delta T11 KSAN 4:15
A321 Delta T12 KDTW 1:50
A321 Delta T13 KDEN 3:10
B737 Delta T14 KJFK 2:10
B737 Delta T15 KMEM 1:15
A321 Delta T16 KDFW 2:15
B737 Delta T17 KMCO 1:30
Concourse A
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Flight time Pilot
B757 Delta A01 PHNL 11:09
B767 Delta A02 EHAM 9:27
A321 Delta A03 KLAS 4:10
B737 Delta A04 KFLL 1:55
B737 Delta A05 MMMX 3:38
B737 Delta A06 MMUN 2:30
A321 Delta A07 KMCI 2:00
A321 Delta A09 CYYZ 2:28
B737 Delta A10 KMCO 1:30
A319 Delta A11 KJFK 2:10
A321 Delta A12 KDTW 1:50
B737 Delta A15 KEWR 2:10
B737 Delta A16 KLAX 4:35
B737 Delta A17 KSAN 4:15
A321 Delta A18 TNCM 3:58
A319 Delta A19 KSTL 1:40
B737 Delta A20 KPHL 2:00 @SA247
B737 Delta A21 KIAD 1:45
A321 Delta A24 KOAK 5:12
A321 Delta A25 KOAK 5:12
A319 Delta A26 KBNA 1:05
A321 Delta A27 KSLC 3:55 @RoBroStar
B737 Delta A28 KSLC 3:55 @PilotChrisSG
A321 Delta A29 KMLB 1:35
A321 Delta A30 CYVR 6:50 @wujdtmann
A321 Delta A31 CYYZ 4:18
B737 Delta A32 KTPA 1:25
B737 Delta A33 KTLH 1:00
A321 Delta A34 KTLH 1:00
Concourse B
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Flight time Pilot
A321 Delta B01 KSEA 5:15
B737 Delta B02 KBWI 1:50
B737 Delta B03 KDEN 3:10
B737 Delta B04 MMUN 2:30
A321 Delta B05 MMMX 3:38
B737 Delta B06 KLAS 4:10
A321 Delta B07 KLAX 4:35
B737 Delta B09 KSAN 4:15
B737 Delta B10 KJFK 2:10
A321 Delta B11 KEWR 2:10
B737 Delta B12 TNCM 3:58
A321 Delta B13 CYVR 6:50
A319 Delta B14 CYYZ 4:18
A321 Delta B16 KDTW 1:50
B737 Delta B17 KDEN 3:10
B737 Delta B18 KMCO 1:30
A321 Delta B19 KMIA 1:50
A321 Delta B20 KSJC 6:30
B737 Delta B21 KSNA 4:30
B737 Delta B22 KONT 4:32
A321 Delta B23 KTUL 2:13
A319 Delta B24 KTRI 1:05
B737 Delta B25 KTUS 3:35
A321 Delta B26 KLIT 1:20
B737 Delta B27 KCLT 1:15
A321 Delta B28 KRSW 1:35
B737 Delta B29 KELP 2:43
A321 Delta B31 MKJS 2:40
B737 Delta B32 KORF 1:35 @Johhhn
B737 Delta B33 KCVG 1:25
A321 Delta B34 KMDW 1:50
B737 Delta B36 KROC 1:52
Concourse C
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Flight time Pilot
B737 Southwest C01 KTLH 1:10
B737 Southwest C02 KMEM 1:15
B737 Southwest C03 KLAS 4:10
B737 Southwest C04 KMCI 2:00
B737 Southwest C05 KSAN 4:15
B737 Southwest C06 KJAX 1:10
B737 Southwest C07 KBWI 1:50
B737 Southwest C09 KLGA 2:10
B737 Southwest C10 KOKC 1:57
B737 Southwest C12 KTPA 1:25
B737 Southwest C13 KLAX 4:35
B737 Southwest C14 KSAN 4:15
B737 Southwest C15 KDFW 2:15
B737 Southwest C16 KSAT 2:32
B737 Southwest C17 KDAL 2:05
B737 Southwest C20 KDEN 3:10
B737 Southwest C21 KMDW 1:50
B737 Southwest C22 MPTO 5:58
B737 Southwest C30 KMCO 1:30
B737 Southwest C33 KDEN 3:10
B737 Southwest C34 KLAX 4:35
B737 Southwest C35 KSAN 4:15
B737 Southwest C36 KMSY 1:30
B737 Southwest C37 KIAD 1:45
B737 Southwest C40 KDCA 1:45
B737 Southwest C41 KOAK 6:35
B737 Southwest C42 KOMA 2:24
B737 Southwest C43 KBNA 1:05
B737 Southwest C46 KTRI 1:05
B737 Southwest C47 KORF 1:35
B737 Southwest C49 KPIT 1:42
B737 Southwest C50 KPIT 1:42
B737 Southwest C52 KSAN 4:15
B737 Southwest C55 KDEN 3:10
Concourse D
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Flight time Pilot
A321 Jet Blue D01A KJFK 2:15
A320 United D01 KORD 2:05
A319 Delta D02 KBOS 2:30
A320 Jet Blue D03 KBOS 2:30
A321 Spirit Airlines D04 KDFW 2:15
B737 United D05 KDEN 3:10
A321 Delta D06 KMCO 1:30
A320 Frontier Airlines D07 KLAS 4:10
A320 Frontier Airlines D08 KMIA 1:50
B737 West Jet D09 CYYC 4:40
A320 American Airlines D10 KPHX 3:55
A320 American Airlines D11 KPHX 3:55
B737 West Jet D12 CYYC 4:40
A320 United D13 KEWR 2:10
A321 Spirt Airlines D14 KEWR 2:10
A320 Jet Blue D15 KDFW 2:15
A321 Jet Blue D16 KMCO 1:30
CRJ-900 American Eagle D21 KMIA 1:50
CRJ-900 American Eagle D23 KLGA 2:10
B737 Alaska Airlines D24 KSEA 5:15
B737 Alaska Airlines D25 KSEA 5:15
A321 Spirit Airlines D26 KMSY 1:30
A321 Jet Blue D27 KJFK 2:15
A320 United D28 KDEN 3:10
A321 Delta D29 KMCO 1:30
B737 West Jet D31 CYYC 4:40
B737 Alaska Airlines D32 KSEA 5:15
A321 Spirit Airlines D33 KDTW 1:50
A320 Frontier Airlines D34 KSLC 3:55
A320 Frontier Airlines D35 KSLC 3:55
A320 United D38 KORD 2:05
A320 American Airlines D39 KCLT 1:15
A320 Jet Blue D40 KJFK 2:15
A320 America Airlines D41 KCLT 1:15 @southwest737
A321 Spirit Airlines D42 KDTW 1:50
CRJ-900 American Eagle D44 KLGA 2:10
CRJ-900 American Eagle D46 KLGA 2:10
Concourse E
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Flight time Pilot
B757 Delta E01 EHAM 9:40
B757 Delta E02 EGLL 8:14
B757 Delta E03 RKSI 14:49
767 Delta E04 EIDW 7:42
767 Delta E05 EGLL 8:14
MD-11 Delta E06 EHAM 9:40
B767 Delta E07 EGLL 8:14
B767 Delta E08 EDDM 9:00
B757 Delta E09 PANC 9:25
B777 Delta E10 EDDL 12:00 @Southwest0012
B737 Delta E11 KDAL 2:05
B737 Delta E12 KPWM 2:35
A321 Delta E14 MPTO 6:58
B737 Delta E15 KLIM 6:52
B737 Delta E16 SPJC 6:40
A321 Delta E17 KLAX 4:35
A319 Delta E18 KHSV 0:55
B737 Delta E26 MWCR 4:51
A321 Delta E27 KONT 4:20
A319 Delta E28 KMCO 1:30
A321 Delta E29 KORD 2:05
B737 Delta E30 KJFK 2:15
B737 Delta E31 KLAX 4:35
A321 Delta E32 KLAS 4:10
B737 Delta E33 KDTW 1:50
B737 Delta E34 KMIA 1:50
A321 Delta E35 KTPA 1:25
Concourse F
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Flight time Pilot
B777 British Airways F01 EGLL 8:14
B777 KLM F02 EHAM 9:40
A340 Lufthansa F03 EDDF 8:45
A380 Korean Air F04 RKSI 14:49
B777 Turkish Airlines F05 LTFM 10:19
A350 Qatar airways F06 OTHH 15:07
B787 Virgin Atlantic F07 EGLL 8:14
B787 Virgin Atlantic F08 EGCC 7:52
A350 Delta F09 LFPG 8:25
B777 Air France F10 LFPG 8:25
B777 Delta F12 EDDF 8:45
A350 Delta F14 FAOR via EHAM 21:30

Extra info

Not all flight time will be the same the flight time are done by research and all the airports for flights are from research also check out my Instagram I post infinite flight pictures I am trying to reach 70 followers thanks


I’ll take an a321 to LAX

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Alright you get a A321 Gate T2

Delta operates the ATL-JNB route nonstop with the 77L, not via AMS.

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Congratulations on your event

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It must have taken a long time making this even,I learned it throughout you should ask delta to sponsor the event.

KATL l is my favorite airport and I have been there before two slight things I saw was that British airways now operates 787-10. to london and also qatar removed the A350 for the 777 because of profitability . Ask me if you have any other questions.

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Do you have a flight going for Phoenix

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Yes there is

Yes I know but when I check the flight time it said they do a stop over in Amsterdam

This isn’t my first event

B737 Delta A20 KPHL 2:00

Can I have this please

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This flight isn’t going to Phoenix

You have been put on the list

Not sure you’re looking at the right thing… DL200 is the flight number. Last flown March 22.

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Hey there when I was getting the flight times it would always show me flight times of delta flights

little mistake around here

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Thank you for noticing I have just fixed that

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I’ll take this gate plz

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No problem I will add your name now

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Could you please add a Delta flight to PHNL, this is one of my favorite delta routes

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