19SEP20 / 1300Z - The Late Summer Banjul Flyout! @ GBYD

Banjul Flyout

Hello, and welcome to my Banjul airport flyout!

Some information about Banjul:

Banjul is the Capital City of The Gambia. Located on the West Coast of Africa, it is the fourth largest city in The Gambia. The city sits on the Gambia River, which runs through the whole of Gambia and meets the Atlantic Ocean.

The Airport Itself is served by many regional African Airlines, as well as European Leisure airlines. Unfortunately, as we do not have many of Banjul’s operators in Infinite Flight, I have included defunct airlines in the flyout - Such as Monarch and Thomas Cook!



Server: Expert

Airport: Yundum International (GBYD)

Date and time:


Terminal Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Flight Time Attendee
01 A330 Brussels Airlines Brussels (Via Dakar) EBBR (Via GOBD) 5:00
02 737-800 Royal Air Maroc Casablanca GMMN 3:00 @Igor_M
03 A320 Vueling Barcelona LEBL 5:00
04 737-800 TUI Amsterdam EHAM 6:20
05 A320 TAP Lisbon LPPT 4:00 @candrej
06 A321 Thomas Cook Birmingham EGBB 5:40 @Dang387
07 757 TUI Manchester EGCC 6:00 @Adrian_K
08 737-900 Turkish Istanbul LTFM 6:50 @aidan
09 A320 Vueling Barcelona LEBL 5:00 @mariomartinsancho
10 CRJ-1000 Binter Canarias Las Palmas GCLP 2:00
11 DC10 Monarch London Gatwick EGKK 5:00 @Tsumia

You may change aircraft/airline/destination, the gates given are just a guide, and for anyone who does not want a specific flight

Rules and Recommendations:

  • Participants must ensure they use Simbrief, or any other realistic flight plan generator to gather their flight plan.

  • Pilots are to maintain spacial awareness

  • If IFATC is present for the event, you are to follow all instructions given by the controller(s). I am not accountable for any reports/violations received during the event. Otherwise, respectfully use unicom.

  • Minimum separation of 3 nautical miles horizontal and 1000 ft vertical must be adhered to at all times.

  • You are to enjoy yourself, and have a good time! ;)

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there!

True or false: The Gambia is the smallest country in Mainland Africa?

  • True
  • False

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Answer: True

The Gambia is indeed the smallest country in Mainland Africa!


I’ll take this one please

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Ill take that, thanks!

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Can I take gate 07 to Manchester.

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@DanG387 Sure, see you there!

@Tsumia Nice choice, will be cool seeing some retro colours. You’re signed up!

@Adrian_K The gate to Manchester is yours. See you there!


PPPetr Flyout anyways I will take the gate to Barcelona mate


Sure, I’ll sign you up!

Still plenty of gates available, make sure to sign up!

Dis gate por favor 😊

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Could be possible a vueling a320 bound for barcelona for me please?

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Sure, two heading to Barcelona!

thank you!

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Just bumping the thread:)

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Can you sign me up for Gate 8?

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