19s @ KTPA

Yes, you can go past the edge of the map. Especially if Approach is actively vectoring you. There is room for a full approach.

Please do not:

Check in repeatedly
Switch to Tower
Start making your own turns

These apply everywhere. Why would it be different here?


This also applys for 16’s in Denver, you wont get your XP reset or anything while being vectored, the worst thing that can happen is the controller forgetting about you and you getting a throttle cut, well said @Tim_B


Also, given the lack of room to extend downwind, you must be at the proper altitude in time. We don’t have room for you to extend past the cone much.

So if you call in 20 miles out at FL270, you should expect a hold.

I don’t know why that is surprising, but nonetheless.


Because people are afraid of the fact that if they get “caught” going out of region, their xp would get reset. But then again, the only people that know about that are the people on the forum… but those same people would’ve also seen the conversation about this same circumstance in a different topic in this category if they were taking the time to regularly stay updated on the 4 major categories of the forum… but I guess the world isn’t perfect.


Sorry for you mate! (and me when I’m controlling there) But it is a lost battle

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