19OCT20 / 1900z (KIAH-KEWR) @KIAH started

Aircraft and Livery:
United any aircraft except for the A350 Spirit is also allowed as well


Time of Departure:

Server: trainer

This one will be amazing if u are familiar with the heavy sharp turns to the north on 15L then u should be fine if not I can create an east departure so it can be real for all of us if u want to get an ez East departure copy FPL off of United 220 If u trying to get a north departure copy FPL off of United 217

WARNING: stars and Aproaches may change due to runway changes if so monitor ur aircraft disable Lnav copy the FPL that u did on the start then go to the bottom right corner and get the list and act on leg where u left off then reactivate the Lnav to stay on route


Hello, That looks interesting, also amazing, but for me it looks a bit incomplete, i don´t know how thw others think. I´ll share you this topic for more info. Im not trying to be offensive :)

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That´s all, have a good one Mate.

P.D: I´M not judging you.

Thanks I guess

I could go if you start like 15min later cuz I get out of school at that time.

Ok then what aircraft are u going to fly? And what type of departure Sharp north or ez East?

a united 737 and departing east

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Which 737? 737-900 737-800 OG livery 737-800 new livery or 737-700

i’m still deciding which 737 im gonna use.

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Ima be flying 4 planes on this am deciding which one to do 4 737s or 1 A320 and 3 737s

do an a320 and 3 737s

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Ok also u should fly the a320 as well so we can get a parallel departure u depart on 15L and I will depart on 15R it will be amazing or we should use the 777-200ERs what do u say

Also do u have discord if so add me so we can better communicate pilotcharles737#0392

1st of all I definitely like 777s way more than a320 so i would rather do that, than 2nd of all ill add u on discord when I get a chance

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Ight bet this will be fun

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Also what flight do u want to do or u down for a return flight for a parallel landing back at IAH where i land on 27 and u Land on 26L

idk about a return flight for me but i might change my mind.

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Dont forget to add me on discord


i cant talk rn