19NOV22 / 1500z - Let's fly to the World Cup with Ricky's Aviation - Group Flight! @EDDF

Hey Guys! Welcome to a group flight event! In this event we will fly to Qatar, where the world cup will be taking place! More details below!


Flight Plan: COPY from @RickysAviationYT
Departure Airport: Frankfurt (EDDF,FRA) -
DEP Time: 15:00z
Arrival Airport: Doha Hamad (OTHH,DOH)
ARR Time: 20:30z
Aircraft & Airline: Any aircraft that has the Qatar Airways livery (Except the A319, A321 and A380)

Takeoff RWY: DECIDED on the DAY of the flight
Arrival RWY: DECIDED on the DAY of the flight
Flight Time: 5 Hours 30 Minutes


  • Make sure to spawn in15 mins prior to departure. Pushback Time will be About 15:05z (Allow time for people that are late to join) and please make sure to spawn at the CORRECT gates so we can avoid altercations
  • If ATC is not present, make sure to use UNICOM PROFESSIONALLY and follow all rules of ATC server
  • Make sure to use ATC properly and BE PATIENT with ATC
  • Maintain Proffesionalism and realism at all times
  • I DO NOT take responsibility for any violations. You may try and appeal by messaging @appeals
  • Any arrivals MUST abide by Approach/Tower/ATC Rules at all times


Terminal 1 Gate B20 - @coolguy_bob - 777-300ER
Terminal 1 Gate B22 - @ryanairlanding - A350-900
Terminal 1 Gate B23 - @RickysAviationYT - A350-900
Terminal 1 Gate B24 - @SRPAviationYT - A350-900
Terminal 1 Gate B25 - @Butter575 - A350-900
Terminal 1 Gate B26 - @AviatorEgcc - A350-900
Terminal 1 Gate B28 - @NGM116 - 777-200LR
Terminal 1 Gate A19 - @Fred_Pilot - 777-300ER
Terminal 1 Gate B42 - @Quackanomous - 777-300ER
Terminal 1 Gate B48 - @TridentAviationYT - A350-900
Terminal 1 Gate B46 - **USER**
Terminal 1 Gate B45 - @Nicwat10 - 777-300ER
Terminal 1 Gate B44 - @MikaL - 787-8
Terminal 1 Gate B43 - **USER**


Frankfurt ATC

Atis - **USER**
Ground - **USER**
Tower - **USER**
Departure - **USER**
Centre - **USER**

Doha ATC

Ground - **USER**
Tower - **USER**
Approach - **USER**
Centre - **USER**


A video will be made by me of this event! You guys can also make a video of this event!

Cant wait to see you guys joining :)


Lets get some sign ups!

Looks fun, I’ll try to join! Gate B48 with An A359 Please!

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Yessir signed up :)

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Count me in I will take the A350

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AIght you are signed up :D

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I’ll take gate B24 please (Aircraft: a350)

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Yep sure!!

Hey there, I’d like to take this gate with the B788.

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Gate B-20 777-300ER :)

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a350 pls ricky

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Hey @RickysAviationYT! I’ll take this gate on an A350.

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Air India 747 is happy about your event Ricky🗿


I’ll take this with the B777-200LR, but I might change aircraft later on.

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Signed you up :D

Yep sure! Signed you up :D

Yep Signed you up :)

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Yep sure thing!

Haha great! I will find you a gate for the majestic AIR INDIA 747

Aight I will sign you up! Someone has already got B22 but I will give you an available gate 👍