19NOV2022 // 1900Z - Sin City Flyout - @KLAS

This please

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Sure thing!

May I please fly in from Chicago Midway (KMDW) and then switch gears to depart for Baltimore Thurgood Marshell (KBWI)?

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This please I would love a long haul

Just thought I should say, copying basically all the elements of my event from awhile ago without asking me is a little concerning. In the future, please let me know if you intend on using any of the gates, I usually say it’s fine. 🙃


Everyone please join me before this awesome event in the fabulous KC Flyout happening later this month!!

I’ll take this please. Delta operates the A220 for this route btw


Oh yeah, @United403 @Butter575 @NvAviator, saw this on the other post that got closed, but they actually do fly this route on a 175. As of the current month they do not, early September they had a couple of 175’s flying it before it got replaced by the 739 for demand.


Yeah, I don’t see 175s here

Is it possible to take the E175??

Taken a couple months ago operating LAS-LAX lol


No winglets, wonderful.

You can just because they are coming out with it soon

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Thanks so much!!

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I’d like to claim this one🙂

Hey, this one is taken but there is the virgin 787 to EGLL and the British 777 to Gatwick if you want to do one of those

according to the sheet above its free🤔 anyway, I think about taking another Flight, not sure yet

@Apple_Haye is flying it

this one is not on the gate list… I think you should update the list so it does not get confusing. good luck with ur event tho, I’ll pass this time🙂

Oh my bad :)