19MAY2024 | The SAS Virtual Group presents: Scandinavian Madness | SASV's 5th Anniversary | Endorsed

Scandinavian Madness

SASV presents: Scandinavian Madness!

For our 5th anniversary we want to invite as many pilots and VAs as possible to join us on a mission to crowd the skies of Scandinavia! We are working together with multiple VA’s to host a ‘Fly in’ to our 3 hubs: Copenhagen (EKCH), Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) and Oslo Gardemoen (ENGM).

Event info

Type: Fly in
Time: 1000-1900z
Airports: EKCH, ESSA, ENGM
Date: 19th of May 2024 (19/5/2024 or 5/19/2024)
Server: Expert

Group flight

SASV pilots will fly the main event route, which is a route to all of our hubs. Starting in Stockholm, we’ll take off and start our journey west-bound as we’ll head towards Oslo. There we will make a brief stop to refuel and we’ll then be on our way to Copenhagen.

Departure Stopover Arrival Aircraft Airline Duration Departure time
Stockholm (ESSA) Oslo (ENGM) Copenhagen (EKCH) A320 SAS 2:00 1300Z (TBC)


Info like FPL, cruise altitude and fuel will be announced on the day of the event

VAs attending

VA Route Arr time
@virtualsas ESSA-ENGM-EKCH (Stockholm-Oslo-Copenhagen) 1530z
@Thai-Airways-VA VTBD-EKCH (Bangkok-Copenhagen) 1500z
@RyanairVirtualGroup EGSS-EKCH (Stansted-Copenhagen) 1900z
@CathayPacificVA VA ESSA-EKCH (Stockholm-Copenhagen) 1345z
@QatariVirtual OTHH-EKCH (Doha-Copenhagen) 1900z
@BrusselsVirtual EBBR-EKCH (Brussels-Copenhagen) 1530z
@airBalticVirtual EVRA-EKCH (Riga-Copenhagen 1430Z
@ChinaAirlines_VA ESSA-ENGM (Stockholm-Oslo) 1430Z
@easyJetVirtual EGPH-EKCH (Edinburgh-Copenhagen) 1830z
@Singapore_Virtual ESSA-EKCH (Stockholm-Copenhagen) 1400z
@Etihad_Virtual ESSA-EKCH (Stockholm-Copenhagen 1100z
@AF-KLM_VA EHEH-EKCH (Eindhoven-Copenhagen) 1810z
@FinnairVA EFHK-EKCH (Helsinki-Copenhagen) 1615z

ATC services:

EKCH GTS: @Damian_Lukes
ENGM GTS: vacant
ESSA GTS: @MatsVerhoelst

  • SASV is not responsible for any violations
  • Pilots must follow ATC instructions and use unicom when there is no ATC service available.

We have been lucky enough to get endorsed by the IFVARB! Read more about ‘Endorsed’ events below ▽

“IFVARB Endorsed is a series where the IFVARB partners with a VA who has set up an intriguing and interesting event. This event has been specially selected for this endorsement and has the full support of the IFVARB. This endorsement is open to any event hosted on the IFC by a VA or VO. Look out for our stamp and our staff on this event and many for the future.”

SAS Virtual Group is a virtual airline based off of the real-world Scandinavian Airlines System, which was certified by the IFVARB board on May 19th 2019. Since then, it has striven to create a dedicated community for pilots flying around the scandinavian countries, offering hundreds of routes and more than a dozen different aircraft to choose from.

We pride ourselves in being one of the most elegant european airlines currently flying, taking our blue-tailed aircraft to places all over Europe and the globe!

SAS join button

For more information about SASV please head to our website or, if you have any questions, please don’t hesisate to ask! Feel free to do so on any of our social medias: Instagram & our Infinite Flight Community account. We’re always happy to help!

Thank you!
Takk!🇳🇴 Tack!🇸🇪 Tak!🇩🇰


SAS Virtual Group is a non-profit virtual airline based in the simulator “Infinite Flight”. If you are looking for the official SAS Scandinavian Airlines, please visit flysas.com


Hi @virtualsas i I’m joining if I don’t have any school work may 19

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Sounds amazing! We’re excited to (maybe) have you!! 🥰


Hi again SAS how many pilots do you have in your VA?

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We currently have around 30 pilots in our VA

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Ok 👌🏾 cool maybe you will see pilot number 31👀👀


That would be awesome!

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So excited for this event and SAS’s birthday!! 🥳


Excited for this one!


2 more weeks until we turn 5 years old 🥳!!

We are excited to see that there are so many people signing up already!!


Let’s see if we can get some more people to sign up!!


I might be able to control, not sure if I have time though. If you need someone that day I’ll make sure to try chip in.


That would be awesome!! Hopefully we’ll see you there😉!


We've been endorsed by the IFVARB🥳!! Read more about "Endorsed" below


1 week left🥳!! We’re so excited!!

Are you coming? Make sure to click the “Going” button at the top of the thread to let us know you’re in😉!


1 day away!! We are so excited!! Hope to see you guys tomorrow!

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