19MAY20 / 2100Z - Dubai To England @ OMDB to EGLL

To England

  • 777-300 Emirates:


  • 2100Z 19thMay:

  • Training Server:

  • **Copy my fpl and come on time

might I ask why the training server, and not expert?

Probably because the OP isn’t at G3 or doesn’t want to fly in expert server

It can be in expert

It’s your choice

Ok it will be in expert are you up for it

Or if you want we can take a couple jets and have a dc10 supply us fuel

I would love to join, but I am not G3. Could we do it on the Training, or no? If not, it’s totally cool, and have a great flight!

We can do it on training so when will you be available

I am ready?

Ok today by 5:00

5 EST? let’s do this flight

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