19MAY20 / 1815Z - A Tribute to the B763 @ LROP-CYYZ

A Tribue to the B763

Hello, my name is Casper. I am designing flights from now on to help people in grade 2 advance to the expert server or people in grade 3 advance to grade 4 and finally get that beloved green nametag. I will try to do this every night so people will get at least 1 flight per day. I hope that this will grow to be a big sub-community in IF and that it will help a lot of people advance within the game. So far, 3 people have moved on from grade 2 by participating in these events. @Spencer_Clark will be posting the next 6 events but I will still be the host of these events. If you have any questions/concerns please contact one of the staff members. This is the 9th flight of this series and today we will be using the 767 to fly from Bucharest to Toronto. This plane desperately needs a rework as well as the 757. These aircraft haven’t been reworked or touched in a few years. This makes the physics a bit weird and really fun to fly. The 767 is an old aircraft and it is slowly dying out. Many aircraft are dying at the moment as they are being replaced by new, more fuel-efficient planes such as the A359 and the B77X. I have personally flown on United’s 767 from BRU-ORD and could tell there was a huge difference between modern aircraft cabins and these older ones. The 767 is rarely flown in IF so this is to remind everyone that it’s there and it is a big part of aviation history. I hope to see a lot of people there, remember to respect ATC or use Unicom appropriately, please spawn gates about 10-15 min before the STD.
Here is a link to the FPL.
Have a Great Day!

Server: Training

Aircraft: Air Canada B763

Airport(s): LROP-CYYZ

Departure Time: 2020-05-19T18:15:00Z

Estimated Arrival Time: 2020-05-20T04:30:00Z


  • Spawn about 10 minutes before the event starts

  • Act responsibly and listen to ATC

  • If someone has taken your gate just spawn at a nearby gate that isn’t assigned to anyone else.

  • We do fly on training server so unfortunately there is a possibility that there is already ATC. If you are assigned an ATC role I recommend going to the airport before people start spawning in.

Gate Assignments
Gate Participant
Gate 101 @Casp959er73
Gate 102 @Hardlanding_Hussain
Gate 103 @Spencer_Clark
Gate 104 @Alexian61
Gate 105 @Michael811
Gate 106 @Earl_Martindale
Gate 107 @vexzty
Gate 108
Gate 109
Gate 110
Gate 111
Gate 112
Gate 113
Gate 114
Gate 115

More gates will be added of necessary


Ground/Tower: @Raptor_416

Departure: Available


Ground/Tower: @anon41771314

Approach: @Hayden_Buerckner


Host: @Casp959er73
Co-Host: @Spencer_Clark
HR Manager (EU and Asia): @Hardlanding_Hussain
HR Manager (Americas): @Earl_Martindale

Participant List

@Hardlanding_Hussain @Hayden_Buerckner @Spencer_Clark @Alexian61 @anon41771314 @Michael811 @Earl_Martindale @vexzty



NEW Route Requests

If you would like to request a route please send a PM the one of the staff members. Make sure you include the aircraft, airline, a creative title, departure airport, and arrival airport. The minimum flight time is 9hrs and the maximum is 11 hours.
-Casp959er73 :)


Just a request, consider me a default participant in all the upcoming flights. Sign me up.


I am more than happy to do ATC Approach at CYYZ.

Also. FYI. I’m free almost all the time from 11pm (Zulu) and 5am (Zulu). So if you want. You can put me down for approach every time and I can tell you if I’m not available

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Wow, how can I miss a LROP event? Can you sign me up?

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I’d be glad to do YYZ Tower.

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You have been assigned gate 104 :)

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Please keep the stepchickens in tiktok.

You know the word Sign me up



10 charac

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Good that you said the whole thing.

Gate 105 please

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I’ll try to do ATC at LROP and possibly ATC at CYYZ if I can in.

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You have been assigned gate 105, welcome to the community. - @Casp959er73
@Raptor_416 all ATC frequencies are taking at CYYZ but you have been assigned Ground/Tower at LROP.


LROP ground/Tower it is

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Hey, I’d like to get signed up, I apologise for being inactive for the past couple of days :)


767-300 right?


No the AN225

Its 767-300 and also someone took 105 and 106 so I am taking 107 if I can my callsign is GROUPFLY and name is Captain LaRoche

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I am in! Assign me a gate and I will be good to go!