19MAR23: Massive Houston Flyout DEPARTED

Let’s fill Houston!

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Can i reqeuest this gate D1 ?

Emirates Boeing 777-300 to Dubai please

@XXTHUNDERDOMEXX sorry for the delayed response. I’ll sign you up right away

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Event Bump!!!

Cool, I’ll see about it!

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@Southwest813 welcome to the community! Let me know if you’d like to reserve a gate

Keeping this bumped

Event bump!

Event Bump

Scratch previous GA Plan.

United Airlines 5 - Gate Echo 2-0 Whiskey. Boeing 787-8. Going to LHR.

|| E20W || United || London (LHR) || B788 || UAL5||


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@TankParrish83 I apologize for the delayed response. I will add you right away

Event bump!

Ima take | terminal A | gate A29A HEAVY | delta MD-11 to KSEA

@Topgottem Roger that

It’s fine - Thank you!

@TankParrish83 no problem?
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Wrong plane u put B764 it is B763

Will do! Doing that right now.

I will correct that right away

Thanks they do use that plane irl but that plane is not in IF