19MAR23: Massive Houston Flyout DEPARTED

VS is at 2000

I’ll give my forward speed a bit more juice and see if any separation can increase

Cool. I’m over 2000 feet above you so it should be fine

Also We didn’t have the best separation to begin with either

Yea I noticed. I figured you’d be faster than me but I noticed your speed was a bit slower than mine until 12000

I didn’t raise the speed setting up to my cruise speed until a few min ago

Once we diverge off to our own destinations, things should get better

I believe someone is at mg gare b4

= my gate? if so you can use a different one

Ok no problem

I like how United403 is just speeding in the 737

Wait a minute. Why are you flying at M 0.85 @anon36731834 😆


back when i initially accelerated to .85 you were 4nm behind me

Oh right, gotcha

@EastTexasAviationYT how was the landing?

I’m 10 minutes away from my destination of JFK with Jetblue, this was a fun event I hope to attend more in the future.

I have arrived at Salt Lake. Pretty fun flight. The traffic was cool too.

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Here are some photos, part 2 will come tomorrow


i’m roughly an hour from landing

i have safely landed after over 5 hours in the air - a combined total from the flight to and from Houston

Thanks to everyone who joined! Even though I was suspended until this evening, the turnout was amazing


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