19MAR22/ 1530Z - The Great Detroit Flyout! @KDTW(COMPLETED)

Welcome to the Detroit Flyout!

                          Welcome to Detroit   

Detroit, Home to many people and one of the largest cities in the world and home to our Flyout airport KDTW or "( Detroit Metro Wayne Airport!). Detroit serves as a hub to Delta Airlines and has many destinations for Delta Airlines!

https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Detroit_Metropolitan_Airport
Airport Link
P.S Airport chart included in Link!

Server : Expert Server

Airport : KDTW


All Pilots are expected to abide by the Expert Server rules, this includes using Unicom, or abiding by IFATC if present. Ghosting will be enforced.

It is up to the individual Pilot to determine their own flight plan. Assistance will be provided if requested.

Departure runway will be determined by the direction of destination.

ATC Services
Cleveland Center:

I know that Detroit ain’t 3D yet but it will be one day so lets enjoy this event!

Gates and Terminals

Terminal 1


Terminal A

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
A01 Delta New York (JFK) 737-800
A02 Delta Los Angeles 757-200/737-900 @Royce
A03 Delta Chicago-O’Hare 717-200/A319
A04 Delta Fort Lauderdale 737-900
A05 Delta Miami A321
A06 Delta San Francisco 757-200/737-900 @yenier_Rodriguez
A07 Delta Boston A321
A08 Delta Philadelphia A319
A09 Delta Pittsburgh 737-800
A10 Delta Fort Myers A321
A11 Delta West Palm Beach A319
A12 Delta Washington-Reagan A321
A15 Delta Washington-Dulles A321
A18 Delta San Jose (CA) 737-900
A17 Delta Jacksonville 737-900 @plane_guy12
A19 Delta St. Louis A319 @Harrison_EGLL
A20 Delta Atlanta 737-900 @Cooper_Marcukaitis
A21 Delta Phoenix 737-800
A23 Delta Dallas A321
A24 Delta Shanghai A350-900
A25 Delta Austin 737-800
A27 Delta Seattle 757-200/737-900
A28 Delta Tokyo-Haneda A350-900
A29 Delta Grand Rapids A319
A30 Delta Seoul A350-900 @lew1s_ho2
A31 Delta Vancouver 737-800
A33 Delta Atlanta 737-800 @Avaitor1
A34 Delta Nagoya A330-300
A35 Delta Sacramento 737-800
A36 Delta Amsterdam A350-900 @KSM_King_Storm
A38 Delta Ted Stevens 757-200 @SWA737
A40 Delta London A330-300
A43 Delta Cancun 737-900
A45 Delta Minneapolis/St. Paul 737-800
A46 Lufthansa Frankfurt 747-400
A47 Delta Las Vegas 737-900
A49 Delta Orlando A321
A50 Air France 777-200 Paris
A51 Delta Orange County (CA) 737-800
A53 Delta Mexico City 737-900
A54 Royal Jordanian Amman-Queen Alia 787-8
A55 Delta Nassau A319
A56 Delta Paris A350-900 @Andrew_Calvin
A57 Delta Denver 737-900
A59 Delta Monterrey 737-800
A60 Lufthansa Munich A350-900
A61 Delta San Jose Del Cabo A319
A63 Delta Vancouver 737-800
A64 Delta Frankfurt A330-300
A65 Delta Nashville 737-800
A66 Delta Rome A330-300
A67 Delta Salt Lake City A321
A68 Delta Portland (OR) 737-900
A69 Delta San Diego 737-900
A70 Delta Montego Bay 737-800
A71 Delta Raleigh/Durham 737-800
A72 Delta New York-LaGuardia A319
A73 Delta Puerto Vallarta 737-800
A74 Delta Cozumel 737-800
A75 Delta Charlotte 737-800
A76 Delta Grand Cayman 737-900
A77 Delta Punta Cana 737-900
A78 Delta San Juan 737-900
Terminal 2
B01 Delta Connection Delta Connection Greenville/Spartanburg CRJ-700
B02 Delta Connection Delta Connection Louisville CRJ-900
B03 Delta Connection Manchester (NH) CRJ-700
B04 Delta Connection Escabana CRJ-200
B05 Delta Connection Iron Mountain CRJ-200
B06 Delta Connection Montreal CRJ-900
B07 Delta Connection Providence CRJ-900
B08 Delta Connection Richmond CRJ-700
B10 Delta Connection Houston-Intercontinental CRJ-900
B11 Delta Connection San Antonio CRJ-900
B12 Delta Connection Memphis CRJ-900
B15 Delta Connection Savannah CRJ-700
B16 Delta Connection Sault Ste. Marie (MI) CRJ-200
B18 Delta Connection Toronto CRJ-900
B19 Delta Connection Portland CRJ-900
B20 Delta Connection Wilkes-Barre/Scranton CRJ-200
B21 Delta Connection Alpena CRJ-200

If your gate is in a CRJ-200 and you would like to change it with a CRJ-700, let me know.

Terminal 3
C01 Delta Connection Huntsville CRJ-900
C02 Delta Connection Milwaukee CRJ-700
C04 Delta Connection Ithaca CRJ-200
C05 Delta Connection Columbus CRJ-900
C06 Delta Connection Dayton CRJ-700
C07 Delta Connection South Bend CRJ-200
C08 Delta Connection State College CRJ-200
C09 Delta Connection Greensboro CRJ-700
C10 Delta Connection Erie CRJ-200
C11 Delta Connection Elmira CRJ-200
C12 Delta Connection Knoxville CRJ-700
C13 Delta Connection Chicago-Midway CRJ-900
C14 Delta Connection Evansville CRJ-200
C15 Delta Connection Fort Wayne CRJ-200
C16 Delta Connection White Plains CRJ-900
C17 Delta Connection Hartford CRJ-700
C18 Delta Connection Birmingham (AL) CRJ-900
C19 Delta Connection Newburgh (Stewart) CRJ-200
C20 Delta Connection Oklahoma City CRJ-700
C21 Delta Connection Albany CRJ-900
C22 Delta Connection Binghamton CRJ-200
C23 Delta Connection Appleton CRJ-200
C24 Delta Connection Charleston (SC) CRJ-900
C25 Delta Connection Kalamazoo CRJ-200
C26 Delta Connection Moline/Quad Cities CRJ-200
C27 Delta Connection Worcester CRJ-200
C28 Delta Connection Norfolk CRJ-700
C29 Delta Connection Omaha CRJ-900
C30 Delta Connection Ottawa CRJ-700
C31 Delta Connection Pellston CRJ-200
C32 Delta Connection Allentown CRJ-700
C33 Delta Connection Cincinnati CRJ-900
C34 Delta Connection Cleveland CRJ-900
C36 Delta Connection Burlington CRJ-700

If your gate is in a CRJ-200 and you want a different CRJ. Please let me know.
The gates below are the hardstands next to the C gates!

E Hardstand 07 Delta Connection La Crosse CRJ-200
E Hardstand 01 Delta Connection Lansing CRJ-200
E Hardstand 06 Delta Connection Mosinee/Wausau CRJ-200
E Hardstand 02 Delta Connection Newark CRJ-900
E Hardstand 03 Delta Connection Cedar Rapids/Iowa City CRJ-700
E Hardstand 04 Delta Connection New Orleans CRJ-900
E Hardstand 03 Delta Connection Rochester CRJ-200
Terminal 4 D Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
D01 United Express Washington Dulles CRJ-700
D02 United Express Newark CRJ-700
D03 United Express Chicago CRJ-700
D04 United Express Houston-Intercontinental CRJ-700
D05A United Denver A320
D06 United San Francisco 737-800
D08 Air Canada Express Toronto CRJ2
D09 Aeromexico Connect Leon/Del Baijo 737-700
D10 Aeromexico Connect Monterrey 737-700
D11 Aeromexico Connect Queretaro 737-700
D12 Spirit Baltimore A320
D14 Spirit Atlanta A320
D15 Spirit Minneapolis A320
D16 Spirit Fort Lauderdale A321
D17 Spirit Orlando A320
D18 Spirit Tampa A321
D19 Southwest Baltimore 737-700 @ORD777flyer
D20 Southwest St. Louis 737-800
D21 Southwest Phoenix 737-800
D23 Southwest Chicago Midway 737-700 @A10f4ang
D24 American Chicago O’hare 737-800 @RyMan
D25 American Eagle Charlotte CRJ-900 @Trent
D26 American Eagle New York-LaGuardia CRJ-200
D28 American Miami 737-800
D30 American Philadelphia A320
D32 Alaska Seattle 737-800
Cargo Gates
FedEx 01 FexEx Memphis MD-11F
FedEx 02 FedEx Newark MD-11F
FedEx 03 FedEx Express Columbus-Rickenbacker Cessna 208
FedEx 1 FedEx Express Indianapolis Cessna 208
UPS 01 UPS Airlines San Diego 747 @TheAviation_YT
UPS 02 UPS Airlines London Heathrow747
UPS 03 Atlas Air Cincinnati 747-400

Once Again Guys Hope to see you there! @RyMan!


Let’s get some signups!

A38 Delta Could I Change the Destination to PANC B757-200

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Got it ill get you in!

Welcome to Detroit @SWA737!

Could I get a reserve for this? I’m not 100% sure if I can make it.

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Can I have this one please

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Sure! Ill get you signed up!

I would like to flight the A06/Delta/757-200/San Francisco

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roger that ill get you in!

roger that!

Welcome to Detroit!!

I might take the southwest to midway or a CRJ-900 to IND

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Sure I’ll get you added!

Welcome to Detroit

Hail Yes! Go Blue! Go Lions! Go Tigers!!

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i will take this if it is still available please?

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Yes I’ll get you in!

Welcome to Detroit!