19MAR22 / 1400Z - Heart of Korea Fly-Out @ RKSI [COMPLETED]

Hey Everybody! Welcome to my Seoul! The Capital of South Korea, Many museums, arts, culture and highly known for its sleek skyscrapers and its shopping malls. @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX you can correct me if any routes or gates are wrong :D

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: Seoul Incheon (RKSI)
Time and Date: 2022-03-19T14:00:00Z2022-03-19T15:00:00Z

Gates and Routes

Terminal 1 (40 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate 1 S7 Airlines Airbus A319-100 Vladivostok (UHWW)
Gate 2 Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 Frankfurt (EDDF)
Gate 3 Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 Munich
Gate 6 American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Dallas (KDFW)
Gate 7 American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Shanghai (ZSPD
Gate 8 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Chengdu (ZUUU)
Gate 9 Etihad Airways Boeing 777-300ER Abu Dhabi (OMAA)
Gate 10 United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER San Francisco (KSFO) @Reid
Gate 11 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Chongqing (ZUCK)
Gate 12 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Guangzhou (ZGGG)
Gate 13 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Shanghai (ZSPD) @Harrison_EGLL
Gate 14 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Beijing (ZBAA) @yenier_rodriguez
Gate 15 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Shenzhen (ZGSZ)
Gate 16 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Tokyo Narita (RJAA)
Gate 17 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 -200 Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate 18 Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Sydney (YSSY) @KSM_King_Storm
Gate 20 Asiana Airlines Airbus A350-900 Frankfurt (EDDF)
Gate 21 Asiana Airlines Airbus A350-900 Los Angeles (KLAX)
Gate 22 Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER San Francisco (KSFO) @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX
Gate 23 Asiana Airlines Airbus A380-800 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)
Gate 24 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Dalian (ZYTL)
Gate 25 Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Barcelona (LEBL)
Gate 26 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Cebu (RPVM)
Gate 27 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Fukuoka (RJFF)
Gate 28 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Changsha (ZGHA)
Gate 29 Asiana Airlines Airbus A350-900 New York (KJFK)
Gate 30 Asiana Airlines Airbus A350-900 Paris CDG (LFPG)
Gate 31 Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Rome Fiumicino (LIRF)
Gate 32 Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Vancouver (CYVR)
Gate 33 Asiana Airlines Airbus A350-900 Seattle Tacoma (KSEA)
Gate 34 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 Dalian (ZYTL)
Gate 35 Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER London Heathrow (EGLL)
Gate 36 Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Venice (LIPZ
Gate 37 Asiana Airlines Airbus A350-900 Athens (LGAV)
Gate 38 Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200
Gate 39 Eva Air Boeing 777-300ER Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP) @Cihan37
Gate 40 Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 Auckland (NZAA)
Gate 41 Air Astana Boeing 757-200 Almaty (UAAA)
Gate 42 Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8 Addis Ababa (HAAB
Gate 43 Air China Airbus A330-300 Beijing (ZBAA) @CaptainBailey_T
Gate 44 Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER Doha Hamad (OTHH) @Tom_Jennings
Gate 45 Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Bangkok (VTBS)
Gate 46 Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Istanbul (LTFM) @Airbalticcommunity
Gate 47 LOT Polish Boeing 787-8 Warsaw Chopin (EPWA) @Boris_Huang
Gate 48 Finnair Airbus A350-900 Helsinki Vantaa (EFHK) @Kamryn
Gate 49 Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate 50 Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Toronto Pearson (CYYZ)

Concourse (4 gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate 101 Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-900 Hanoi (VVNB
Gate 102 Cebu Pacific Airbus A330-300 Manila (RPLL)
Gate 103 Scoot Boeing 787-9 Singapore (WSSS)
Gate 104 Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-900 Ho Chi Minh

Terminal 2 (24 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Gate 231 KLM Boeing 777-200ER Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate 232 Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300ER Jakarta (WIII)
Gate 233 Korean Air Airbus A220-200 Aomori (RJSA) @Alexian61
Gate 234 Korean Air Airbus A220-200 Fukuoka (RJFF) @bleu
Gate 235 Korean Air Airbus A220-200 Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate 236 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Atlanta (KATL)
Gate 237 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER London Heathrow (EGLL
Gate 238 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Boston Logan (KBOS)
Gate 239 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER New York (KJFK)
Gate 240 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)
Gate 241 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Chicago O’Hare (KORD) @ORD777flyer
Gate 242 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Madrid Barajas (LEMD)
Gate 243 Korean Air Airbus A220-200 Niigata (RJSN) @Variable
Gate 246 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Paris CDG (LFPG)
Gate 247 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Frankfurt (EDDF) @seoho_ss
Gate 248 China Southern Airbus A330-300 Shenyang (ZYTX) @GDS111006
Gate 249 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (LLBG)
Gate 251 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Rome Fiumicino (LIRF)
Gate 252 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Osaka Kansai (RJBB)
Gate 253 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Shenyang (ZYTX)
Gate 254 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Sydney (YSSY
Gate 255 Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Vienna (LOWW)
Gate 256 Delta Airlines Airbus A350-900 Atlanta (KATL) @doctor_slaughter
Gate 257 Delta Airlines Airbus A330-900NEO Seattle (KSEA)
Gate 264 Air France Boeing 777-300ER Paris CDG (LFPG)
Gate 265 Aeromexico Boeing 787-8 Mexico City (MMMX)
Gate 266 Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE)
Gate 267 Delta Airlines Airbus A350-900 Minneapolis St Paul (KMSP
Gate 268 Korean Air Airbus A380-800 Los Angeles (KLAX


Ground: @BAK_UOV
Tower: @BAK_UOV
Seoul Departure: @Levi_Park
Seoul Approach: @Levi_Park

  • Please Spawn in 20 minutes prior to departure

  • Please Pushback 10 minutes prior to departure

  • Please Follow ATC instructions at all times

  • If there is no ATC use Unicom correctly

  • Give Way to other Aircraft




Don’t book a flight, the thread is not finished.

Hey could I please have that flight?


Bookings now open!

I’ll transfer though to another gate since that aircraft is too big for the gate

This gate please!

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Done! See you there!

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This one please!

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Done! See you there!

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Airbus A350-900 These Days

Air France Also use 77w

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Will correct that now!

Done! See you there!

Only because OZ214 operated it…. Lol

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And Are You Using A220-300 instead of Airbus A330-300?

A220-300 is Mostly Using in Domestic

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Will change it to another route

I used historical routes aswell

The A220-200 also operated to HKG in early 2020

Not AnyMore 🤣
Boeing 787-9 DreamLiner is Operating These Days

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Lol 😂
Anyway you can keep correcting me

@Levi_Park @BAK_UOV

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Can I take the Delta A350 to Atlanta?

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ill take it