19MAR21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Cherry Blossom Season @ RJBB/RJCC

@ANAVirtualGroup pilots will definitely be representing tomorrow. 🇯🇵🗾 ありがとうございました, Misha! 🙏


Just a public NOTAM: RJCC has a complicated runway layout for pilots and controllers alike. The airport is on a combined airport facility with RJCJ (An active military base). When planning your flights, plan your arrivals onto runways 19L/R and 01L/R. Doing otherwise may result in ATC reports. If flying into RJCJ, ensure that you have a completely filed flight plan (Including destination airport) so you can ensure that the controller has knowledge of which airport you are flying into.

Thanks for the Japanese FNF, Misha! Enjoy. ✈️


Looks like that 747 has new textures 👀

Can’t wait for this stream with AviatorDan! Unfortunately, I can’t attend. :(

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The 747-200 texture looks much better👀👀, anyways great FNF looking forward to it!!

Awesome FNF!

Nice FNF Misha! Tomorrow I have off from in person school so I will probably be flying all day while watching March Madness Basketball.


Really exciting!!!


Very nice FNF, I’m very exited!

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What server is it on?

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FNF’s take place on all servers, but expert will most likely be the busiest because it will be staffed with IFATC.

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aww I wanna do training bc my Voilations of speed bc i couldn’t Control made me have to wait a Year :( I wish I didn’t have to wait that long @MishaCamp @Canadian_Aviator

Time to fly from Nagoya to Sapporo! Been waiting for another Japanese FNF for quite some time.


CYT60 due for a 9am arrival local time RJBB, pushing the 200LR range to the max :D just under 23 hour flight

Nice trip in classic 747. Apologies to whoever it was in the A350 I cut up on the taxiway just now, was ‘eyes down’ trying to see the lines in the darkness.

When is the livestream?

This will answer your question!

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Thanks Misha

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thank you so much for the FNF misha! i cant thank you enough, it was the best for me

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