19JUN22 - 1800Z - Vegas Summer Flyout - @KLAS (COMPLETED)

Hello Fellow Pilots! Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Here you can find a awesome event to join and fly out to may destinations around the globe! Las Vegas is a never ending Population boom! Home to 644,594 people (as of 2020). Las Vegas has 3 professional sport teams which is the list here.

Sport Teams

Las Vegas Raiders BOO!
Vegas Golden Knights
Las Vegas Aces

And now Harry Reid Airport (Formerly McCarran Intl.) Is home to many airlines around the world mostly Aliegiant Airlines

Airport: 🇺🇸 Las Vegas Intl. Airport 🇺🇸
Server: Expert

Terminal A
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
A1 KLGA Southwest Airlines 737-800
A2 KSAN Southwest Airlines 737-800
A3 KPSP Southwest Airlines 737-800
A4 KLAX Southwest Airlines 737-800
A5 KLAX Southwest Airlines 737-800
A6 KDAL Southwest Airlines 737-800
A7 KDAL Southwest Airlines 737-800
A8 KHOU Southwest Airlines 737-800
A9 KSFO Southwest Airlines 737-800
A10 KSAN Southwest Airlines 737-800

Terminal B
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
B1 KDFW Frontier Airlines A321-200
B2 KDFW Frontier Airlines A321-200
B3 KDFW Frontier Airlines A321-200
B4 KSAN Frontier Airlines A321-200
B5 KSAN Frontier Airlines A321-200
B6 KSAN Frontier Airlines A321-200
B7 KSFO Frontier Airlines A321-200
B8 KLAX Frontier Airlines A321-200
B9 KSEA Alaska Airlines A320-200
B10 KSEA Alaska Airlines A320-200

Terminal C
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
C1 KDFW American Airlines A321-200
C2 KDFW American Airlines A321-200
C3 KMIA American Airlines 777-200 @RyMan
C4 PHNL American Airlines 777-200
C5 POGG American Airlines 737-800
C6 KPSP American Airlines (US Airways) E-175
C7 KLAX American Airlines (US Airways) E-175
C8 KSFO American Airlines (US Airways) E-175
C9 KSAN American Airlines (US Airways) E-175
C10 EGLL American Airlines 787-9

Terminal D
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
D1 KLAX Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D2 KLAX Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D3 KSAN Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D4 KSAN Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D5 KSFO Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D6 KSFO Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D7 KSNA Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D8 KSNA Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D9 KSNA Aliegiant Airlines A321-200
D40 KDTW Delta Airlines 767 @NvAviator

SOCAL Departure:
Los Angeles Center:

Please Follow ALL Expert Server Rules when ATC Is present. I am not responisble for level 2 or 3 viloations you may receive during this fly out. If ATC is not present, PLEASE use Unicom Professionally. Thank you!

You Guessed it! Spotting Video will be made! you can find my YT channel at the bottom of the page!

Did Someone Say Live Stream? Why yes I will be live streaming this. If I can On my twitch and YT Channel. All Socials are linked at the bottom of the page! :)


As Always I hope to see you there for this fun Flyout! Till Then… Enjoy the Skies! :)

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I am totally gonna try to make it for that event!!

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Glad to hear my friend! I do hope to see you there! :)

Is there any way I could fly a delta 767 from gate D40 to Detroit Metro? p.s. the airline assignments at gates are pretty unrealistic.


Sure. Yes I am aware of it being unrealistic. I was in a rush I will be editing in a little bit.

A little bump! :)

I usually don’t be at events but i’ll be there

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Awesome Can’t wait to see you there!

Can you do training server please

Unfortunately I can not. Mostly on the expert server I do these events.

Ok sure. My flight is in 2 hours, the one to Boston

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Can’t wait!

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C10 EGLL American Airlines 787-9

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I’d like to snatch this one up, but switch the aircraft to A320-200 and the destination to KMFR.

As a side note: I will be attempting to fly in beforehand, and then flying out with whoever turns up


I’ll be there! Can’t wait to fly out of my home town!!!

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What route are you flying

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Sure I’ll sign you up!


Thank you!

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Spawning in now!


May I switch to terminal 1 gate C22