19JUN21 / 1800Z - Malta Fly-In Event @ LMML [FINISHED]

Welcome to the Malta Fly-In Event!

Hey everyone and welcome to our first fly-in event! This event will be taking place at the beautiful island of Malta! We’re partnering with AFKLM, AZVA, WZZVA, BAVA and EZYVA to give Malta the attention that it deserves. Join us and enjoy Malta with full ATC service and lots of traffic!

You can fly in from one of the routes shown below, but if you’d like to have another route, please let us know and we can add one for you.

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Airport: Malta Intl (LMML)
Time of arrival: 2021-06-19T18:00:00Z (Saturday 1800Z)

ATC is gonna be active from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM so you can depart for your return flights as well!


Please try to depart at the time shown for each route, the time is converted to your time zone. We offer a huge variety of routes, from 30 minutes to 6 hours long!

Departure airport Departure time Flight time Airline Aircraft Pilot(s)
Catania (LICC) 5:30 PM 0h 30m Ryanair B738 @Kyle0705
Trapani (LICT) 5:20 PM 0h 40m Ryanair B738
Naples (LIRN) 5:00 PM 1h 00m easyJet A320 @Broken
Rome FCO (LIRF) 5:00 PM 1h 00m Alitalia A321 @JPC @alikalbk
Rome CIA (LIRA) 4:55 PM 1h 05m Ryanair B738 @Ninan_Alex
Cagliari (LIEE) 4:50 PM 1h 10m Ryanair B738
Athens (LGAV) 4:30 PM 1h 30m Aegean A320
Nis (LYNI) 4:25 PM 1h 35m Ryanair B738
Trieste (LIPQ) 4:25 PM 1h 35m Ryanair B738 @MainSky
Barcelona (LEBL) 4:20 PM 1h 40m Vueling A320 @itsnickyminaj
Sofia (LBSF) 4:20 PM 1h 40m Wizz Air A321
Munich (EDDM) 4:10 PM 1h 50m Lufthansa A320 @David_Mullen
Zurich (LSZH) 4:10 PM 1h 50m Swiss A321 @yash_raj1
Geneva (LSGG) 4:05 PM 1h 55m easyJet A320 @THEREALPROPILOT
Istanbul (LTFM) 4:00 PM 2h 00m Turkish Airlines A321
Bratislava (LZIB) 4:00 PM 2h 00m Ryanair B738
Vienna (LOWW) 4:00 PM 2h 00m Wizz Air A321 @station97
Katowice (EPKT) 3:40 PM 2h 20m Wizz Air A321
London LGW (EGKK) 3:10 PM 2h 50m Wizz Air A320
London LHR (EGLL) 3:10 PM 2h 50m British Airways A320 @JetWig
Billund (EKBI) 3:00 PM 3h 00m Ryanair B738 @JanneEllison
Edinburgh (EGPH) 2:30 PM 3h 30m Ryanair B738 @B787fan
Dubai (OMDB) 12:20 PM 5h 40m Flydubai B738 @Captain_Dreamliner

To sign up, please reply to this topic and let us know where you want to fly from!

VA flights:

Virtual Airline Departure airport Departure time Livery Aircraft Number of pilots
AFKLM Rome FCO (LIRF) 5:00 PM Alitalia A321 15
AZVA Rome FCO (LIRF) 5:00 PM Alitalia A321 5
WZZVA Vienna (LOWW) 4:00 PM Wizz Air A321 4
BAVA London LHR (EGLL) 3:00 PM British Airways A320
EZYVA Geneva (LSGG) 4:00 PM easyJet A320 5

If you’re flying in with your VA, there’s no need to sign up here. The flights will be organised internally at each VA.

Event sponsored by:


Other VAs are invited to fly to Malta and meet us there! Just schedule your arrival at the same time. Contact us for more details.

Arrival into LMML:

  • Runway 31 in use only.
  • Request an altitude change on center before starting the descent, since no STARs are available for LMML.
  • Expect deviation from flight plan and please follow all ATC instructions.

IFATC members will staff these frequencies:


  • Please spawn in early before your departure time, so you can depart without any delay.
  • Follow all ATC instructions if ATC is active, otherwise use unicom.
  • Have fun!

Thank you, we’re looking forward to seeing you there!
Let us know if you have any questions.

Event organisers: @Jakub_Astary @Sebastien_Cartier @Speedbird222

Special thanks to @sanketpandia @Phil1988 @virtualalitalia @WizzVirtual


This please!


Hello friends!
We can’t wait to join you in beautiful Malta!
Thank you for organizing.


Impressive fly-in event!
Definitely will participate, well done for your efforts👏

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@Wesley_Fry You’ve been added, thank you for joining us!

No problem

I will give it a shot with this one!

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This one please Jakub :)

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@fesa84 @999aviation you’re both added, see you there!

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Requesting this Route:


Requesting this route please:

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@yash_raj1 @Captain_Dreamliner you’re added, enjoy!

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I’ll take Trieste, please

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@MainSky thank you, that route is yours!

Hello! Please book this flight for me, thanks!

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Nice event for a small airport

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@JPC you’ve been signed up, thanks!

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Hello, can i get the flight from LSGG with easyjet A320?

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Requesting this route

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@THEREALPROPILOT @Ninan_Alex you’ve been both added, see you there!

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