19JUN21 / 1700Z - The Bermuda Pre Covid & Post Covid Flyout @TXKF

Hi there! This is my first flyout of 2021 so I decide to do something unique: Before covid and After Covid. Basically since Bermudas New terminal opened up while I was gone I figured I would pay tribute to the old terminal one last time with this while also highlighting the new terminal by using old routes out of bermuda that have been the most memorable to me and new routes that I’m looking forward to the most. GA will also be provided. Will change flights/aircraft within reason.

Server : Expert server

Airport : L.F. Wade International Airport (TXKF)

Time : 2021-06-19T20:00:00Z

Notams :
▪ Spawn in 10-15 minutes before we start
▪ Respect Unicom and all other pilots
▪ More Info will be given closer to the event date
▪ If you take a GA spot, I suggest a CCX or larger because Bermuda is quite far from mainland US
▪ If you need to cancel, try to tell me a few days before the event as to give time for people to take your spot

History of Bermuda’s Airport :

About Bermuda itself:

Commercial Gates

South Gates (Pre Covid) 3 Left
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
01 US Airways A320 KPHL
02 Deta A319 KBOS
03 American A320 KDCA @ItsablacklineYT
04 American 757-200 (Chrome Livery) KLGA @Tharealjaay
05 American 737-800 KMIA @askrdl
06 British Airways 777-200ER EGKK @Tsumia
07 JetBlue E190 KJFK
08 Westjet 737-700 CYYZ @Starz

(If you want a route changed and it is within reason, I’ll change it)

North Gates (Post Covid) 2 Left
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
03 JetBlue A320 KBOS
04 Delta A319 KJFK @Kenneth_Natal
05 Azores Airlines (generic) A321 LPPD @Lil_Seedy_Boi
06 American A320 KCLT
07 British Airways 777-200ER EGLL @Ryan_Irvine

(If you want a route changed and it is within reason, I’ll change it)

General Aviation Gates

Gate Aircraft Destination
Fbo Cedar Aviation 01 Choice Choice
Fbo Cedar Aviation 02 Choice Choice
Fbo Cedar Aviation 03 Choice Choice
Fbo Cedar Aviation 04 Choice Choice
Fbo Cedar Aviation 05 Choice Choice
Fbo Cedar Aviation 06 CCX TBPB @FlyIf_0011IFPA
Fbo Cedar Aviation 07 CCX KFLL @Jukker
Fbo Cedar Aviation 08 Choice Choice
Fbo Cedar Aviation 09 Choice Choice
Fbo Cedar Aviation 10 Choice Choice

I will add more gates when needed

I hope you sign up!


It’s 2021 by the way! ;)

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I’ll take this if that’s okay, thanks!

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Typo thanks for mentioning it

New signups:


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Awesome event! Could I take this gate please?

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Hi I‘d like to fly a CCX to KEYW :)

What Gate?

Any GA Gate

New Signups:


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Do you know how long this route takes?

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It can range between 6 hours and 15 minutes to 6 hours and 50 mins. Changes a lot due to winds and passenger loads being inconsistent irl due to Rona

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OK thanks.

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oh sorry I can’t join cos that’s 5:00AM for me

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That’s fine

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3 WEEKS UNTIL THE FLYOUT! Get your gate while you can!

Route Changes:
@Lil_Seedy_Boi Moved to Gate 7

So as we all know Infinite flight has updated their game earlier today to 21.1, meaning we now have 3D buildings meaning some routes from this even will now have 3D buildings when you arrive.

Those routes are:


Just a heads up, see you on June 5th

Apologies but I am going to have to push this event back to the 19th of June for trains I will not specify, just letting y’all know however the time of day will not change

Can I get this flight

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