19JUN20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Oceanic Crossings

Keep being active in the community and you’ll be there before you know it!

I was asleep! LOL

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How do we follow the westward track if it isn’t there? I can, I can see the different coordinates of each point with simbrief, but what about people who can’t? Will they get automatically ghosted for being forced to follow something that no longer exists?

NATA is no longer active. Just plan anything.

I think Misha said NAT tracks aren’t required anyways. People are using NATZ but that’s not active during the event.

NAT Z is active between 0100Z and 0800Z, so in 4hrs, I planned my flight around 7hrs ago and back then it was already published on the official web pages and on skyvector.

Awesome FNF!

I hope EHAM isn’t too busy when I arrive, flying from KDFW, about to enter Track Z.

Just landed at KATL thanks for this fnf! :)

KL691 EHAM - CYYZ aiming for wheels up 1am Saturday 9am EHAM time


see you all in the skies!

Come hang out on this hop from Paris to Amsterdam!

You can participate! It’s open to everyone

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(TS) I got just 3 hours to go. I’m doing AA21 EGLL - KDFW in a 772. I love this bird❤️. I’m right behind ErikC17 “AF76 (LFPG - KLAX)” and GER ALLIANCE Thomas “Lufthansa Cargo 323 (EDDF - KSFO)”. We just crossed the Atlantic together and are over Canada right now. The winds just changed at KDFW so now I gotta switch my Approach and RWY to keep busy. I love seeing the crossings!!!

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So as we wrap up this Friday Night Flight, I would like to thank @MishaCamp for once again putting out an amazing event for us! I would also like to thank every single IFATC controller that opened during the FNF to make it a huge success! It was so awesome to watch everyone using the oceanic tracks correctly!

Do you want to be a part of the amazing ATC effort that you saw today? Join here and join the team!


Its on All Servers - its just more prominent on the Expert Server.

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Yeah I know that, but I’ve never seen it really happen on TS or CS

Is this a rick roll?

BalloonChaser? Rickroll? Never thought I’d see the day.

On a serious note, no it is the direct link to IFATC Recruitment. 🙂

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I’m in the process of becoming one. You came to one of my training in LHBP:)

Ok thx, will do

Great event guys! I sure enjoyed it!

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Great FNF Misha! And We Can’t wait for the next one :)

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