19JUN20 / 0000 & 0100Z - IFSC Summit 2.0 Convention @YSSY & @YMML

Welcome To The IFSC 2.0 Summit Convention!

The IFSC Committee welcomes you in celebrating our virtual summit starting with the opening convention. This year’s opening convention takes place in Sydney & Melbourne! Sign up for a gate & don’t miss out on this huge event!

Details & NOTAMs

Server: Expert

Date & Time:
2020-06-20T00:00:00Z (Sydney Event)
2020-06-20T00:30:00Z (Melbourne Event)

  • Please act professionally
  • Follow all ATC procedures if present. Otherwise, use Unicom responsibly.
  • A PM will be sent closer to event date

Sydney Terminal 1 Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Names Notes
1-1 KSFO (San Francisco) United B789 @CheetahGaming_YT
1-2 KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) Qantas A388 @Alec
1-3 ZSPD (Shanghai-Pudong) Qantas B789
1-4 KSFO (San Francisco) United B789 @XTRmystic
1-5 KSFO (San Francisco) United B789 @Bigmungus
1-8 CYYZ (Toronto) Air Canada B77L @Chicago_Aviator
1-9 CYVR (Vancouver) Air Canada B77L @CptCalvin437
1-10 VIDP (Delhi) Air India B77L
1-11 NZAA (Auckland) Air New Zealand B77W
1-24 KLAX (Los Angeles) Delta B77L @Captain-Ace
1-25 RJTT (Tokyo-Haneda) ANA B78X @MJP_27
1-30 RKSI (Seoul-Incheon) Asiana A388 @Tsumia Special A388 flight
1-31 KLAX (Los Angeles) American B789 @Frequentfliyer
1-32 KLAX (Los Angeles) Delta B77L @cptlogue
1-34 EGLL (London-Heathrow) Qantas B789
1-35 VTBS (Bangkok) Generic (Qantas) A333 @SahyaQFFlyer Callsign: Qantas 23
1-36 VHHH (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific A359 @Zaki_fauzan_efendi_h
1-37 RCTP (Taipei) China Airlines A359
1-50 ZGGG (Guangzhou) China Southern B788
1-51 OMDB (Dubai) Emirates A388
1-53 OMAA (Abu Dhabi) Etihad A388
1-54 WMKK (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia Airlines A359
1-55 NFFN (Nadi) Jetstar A320 @Infinite_Josh
1-56 FAOR (Johannesburg) Qantas B744 @Watt
1-57 OTHH (Doha) Qatar A388 @NathanD
1-58 WIII (Jakarta) Garuda Indonesia A333
1-59 PHNL (Honolulu) Hawaiian Airlines B763
1-60 WADD (Bali) Malindo Air B739
1-61 RKSI (Seoul-Incheon) Korean Air A333
1-63 NWWW (Nouméa) Qantas B738
1-71 SCEL (Santiago) LATAM B789
1-72 RPLL (Manila) Philippine Airlines A359
1-73 WSSS (Singapore) Singapore Airlines A388
1-74 VTBS (Bangkok) Thai Airways B772ER
1-75 KJFK (New York-JFK) Qantas B789
1-76 VVNB (Hanoi) Vietnam Airlines B789
1-77 ZSAM (Xiamen) XiamenAir B788
Sydney Terminal 2 Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Names Notes
2-02 KLAX (Los Angeles) Virgin Australia B77W
2-03 KLAX (Los Angeles) Virgin Australia B77W @That_Guy14
2-04 YAYE (Ayers Rock) Virgin Australia B738
2-05 YSTW (Tamworth) Virgin Australia B738
2-06 YPDN (Darwin) Virgin Australia B738
2-07 YMHB (Hobart) Virgin Australia B738
2-08 YSCB (Canberra) Virgin Australia B738
2-09 YBCS (Cairns) Virgin Australia B738
2-10 KLAX (Los Angeles) Virgin Australia B77W @dca.iad.aviation
2-31 NZAA (Auckland) Virgin Australia B738 @anon38496261
2-32 NZWN (Wellington) Virgin Australia B738
2-33 NZQN (Queenstown) Virgin Australia B738
2-34 YBHM (Hamilton Island) Virgin Australia B738
2-35 NSFA (Apia-Faleolo) Virgin Australia B738
2-36 YPAD (Adelaide) Virgin Australia B738
2-38 YBBN (Brisbane) Virgin Australia B738
2-39 YMML (Melbourne) Virgin Australia B738 @Drummer
2-40 YPPH (Perth) Virgin Australia B738
2-41 YCFS (Coffs Harbour) Virgin Australia B738
2-42 YPMQ (Port Macquarie) Virgin Australia B738
2-43 YBSU (Sunshine Coast) Virgin Australia B738
2-44 NFTF (Nuku’alofa) Virgin Australia B738
2-45 YHBA (Hervey Bay) Virgin Australia B738
2-52 YBBN (Brisbane) Tigerair A319
2-53 YMML (Melbourne) Tigerair A319 @Jacklcsm
2-54 YPPH (Perth) Tigerair A319
2-55 YBCG (Gold Coast) Tigerair A319
Sydney Terminal 3 Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Names Notes
3-90 YPAD (Adelaide) Qantas B738
3-91 YBBN (Brisbane) Qantas B738
3-92 YMML (Melbourne Qantas B738 @Hayden_Buerckner
3-93 YLHI (Lord Howe Island) Qantas Q400
3-94 YBWW (Toowoomba Wellcamp) Qantas Q400
3-96 NZAA (Auckland) Qantas B738
3-102 NZCH (Christchurch) Qantas B738
3-103 YARM (Armidale) Qantas Q400
3-104 YORG (Orange) Qantas Q400
3-105 YSWG (Wagga Wagga) Qantas Q400
3-106 YBRM (Broome) Qantas B738
3-107 YBDG (Bendigo) Qantas Q400
3-112 YMIA (Mildura) Qantas Q400

Melbourne Terminal B Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Name Notes
Gate B21 YPPH (Perth) Qantas B789 @anon9682125
Gate B22 YPDN (Darwin) Qantas B738
Gate B23 YBHM (Hamilton Island) Qantas B738
Gate B24 NZAA (Auckland) Qantas B738 @ran
Gate B25 YBBN (Brisbane) Qantas B738
Gate B26 WADD (Bali) Qantas B738
Gate B27 YBAS (Alice Springs) Qantas B738
Gate B28 NZCH (Christchurch) Qantas B738
Gate B29 YSSY (Sydney) Qantas B738
Melbourne Terminal C Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Name Notes
Gate C01 YPPH (Perth) Qantas B789 @Kamryn Continuation To LHR
Gate C02 YMIA (Mildura) QantasLink Q400
Gate C03 NZWN (Wellington) Singapore Airlines A359 @PocketRishi
Gate C04 YSCB (Canberra) Qantas Q400 @InfiniteFlightGeek
Gate C07 KLAX (Los Angeles) Qantas B789 @Armani_B
Gate C08 WADD (Bali) Malindo Air B739
Gate C09 WMKK (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia Airlines B738
Gate C10 YMLT (Launceston) Qantas Q400
Gate C11 WSSS (Singapore) Qantas A388
Gate C12 NZQN (Queenstown) Qantas B738 @Thunderbolt
Melbourne Terminal D Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Name Notes
Gate D03 OTHH (Doha) Qatar A388
Gate D04 RJAA (Tokyo-Narita) Japan Airlines B789
Gate D05 VTBS (Bangkok) Thai Airways A359
Gate D06 VIDP (Delhi) Air India B788
Gate D07 KLAX (Los Angeles) Virgin Australia B77W
Gate D08 WSSS (Singapore) Singapore Airlines B77W
Gate D09 OMAA (Abu Dhabi) Etihad A388
Gate D10 SCEL (Santiago) LATAM B789
Gate D11 RPLL (Manila) Philippine Airlines A359
Gate D12 WIII (Jakarta) Garuda Indonesia A333
Gate D13 VVTS (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam Airlines A359
Gate D14A KSFO (San Francisco) United B789
Gate D14 VHHH (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific A359 @Marcello_Jr
Gate D15 ZGGG (Guangzhou) China Southern B788
Gate D16 OMDB (Dubai) Emirates A388
Gate D18 VTSP (Phuket) JetStar B788
Gate D20 RCTP (Taipei) China Airlines A359
Gate D20A CYVR (Vancouver) Air Canada B789

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Great Event Ran!


Thank you @Cptlogue! I have to give this one to the entire IFSC Committee

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Is it possible for me to take a Delta 777-200LR to Chicago

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Hey @Chicago_Aviator,

We don’t have Delta B777-200LR flights to Chicago from Sydney. However, if you’d like, I can get you a gate to nearby airport YYZ in the Air Canada B77L.

Sure i’ll take that

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Sorry, I meant the Air Canada B77L.

You’ve been signed up for YSSY Gate 1-8 @Delta18.

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I’ll be part

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Which flight would you like to fly @Captain-Ace?

You what flight are you doing

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I haven’t signed up yet. I’m waiting for gates to go, then I’ll decide in the leftovers.

Ok but I’ll go where delta is going

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I can get you a gate for KLAX in the Delta B777-200LR if you’d like @Captain-Ace.

Ok that’ll be gud

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You’ve been signed up for the flight! SYD-LAX Delta B777-200LR.

What gate am i

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You’ve been signed up for YSSY Gate 1-24.

I’ve seen it so I should join the airline now

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Hi, could I please have this gate! Thanks for hosting the event in Melbourne. Can’t wait to attend!

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Sure @PocketRishi! You’ve been signed up for YMML Gate C03.