19JUL20 / 2200Z - Melbourne Fly-out @YMML

this gate please if available

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You have been signed up @Hayden_Buerckner thanks!

Time change?

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Can I have gate D14 to Singapore. Qantas a380. Thank you

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You have been signed up @airplane2 thanks!

No one has signed up in 6 days 😔

D20 to Abu Dhabi please, but can I have the B78X instead please

I’ll take the Qantas 737-800 flight to SYD sorry again about the group flight

@FlyCymru101 and @ORD777flyer you have been signed up thanks!

Don’t worry about it

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Thanks man so much

Event starts in under 24 hours

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Hii. First timer here. Can I be put on standby for B21 Qantas 888 to Perth by 787-9? Hope I can wake up tomorrow. Cheers from Singapore :)

You have been signed up @Anthony_Morgan. Is this you first event?

Hii. Thanks for the followup. Yes, my very first event HAHAHA. is there anything I need to take note of? :)

Cool, just look at the notams.

Would love to attend but it’s super late in my time zone 😭 good luck with the event

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Where are the rest of the peeps? Hahaha I am lonely here :(

Hey @Josh_LeszczynskiI cannot see you inside as well :( haha currently taxiing now. Have a enjoyable flight everyone :)

today or tmrw?

We took off 45 minutes ago. You can spawn in and do a flight now if you want to